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wait what?? there are only 4 seasons…..

SanyamGarg in Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

This was so good! Loved it, it was too relatable.


argentina 7w7

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Dang I just started season 2 xd

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Whatcha wanna talk about?

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season 6.5

Med in Shuumatsu no Harem

Shoboi updated the release date of the anime so I started a syncronization of episodes to fix them. The episodes of the anime should now be fixed. As a reminder, the studio announced after the release of episode 1 the postponement of the release of the other episodes. Episode 2 should be released around January 2022.

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yeah sure why not?

Tsukifuneral in Seeman's comment

welcome to the site, and sure

Shiyanora to Seeman

Welcome here! :)

Akyoto in [2021-11-23] Update
  • Added watch activities to the activity page
  • You can now filter all activities to show followed people only
  • Improved the “1 new activity” button that shows up when something new happened on the page
Seeman in Blossom

hello im new here would you like to be friends

Seeman in Artworks

hello im new here would you guys like to be friends

Akyoto in [2021-11-22] Update
  • Added an overlay scrollbar that adjusts to the color theme for WebKit based browsers with the help of OnTake
  • Added CSV file export
  • Added TXT file export
  • Removed the games section to have a cleaner & less cluttered site designed for one task
  • Fixed a problem in the network stack that caused Anilist imports to fail
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Med.. MED thanks a lot.

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Also i forget to mention it but the notification system his broken in rare case you will get a notification but since there is no fixes don’t expect the “push notification” to work. You can still see on your List (Computer only) in the Watching section the number of Weeks/days/hours before the next episode.

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Akyoto having hand injuries and not mutch free time he don’t update the site anymore except in some cases. For the database you can thank Spyros. He like a lot the website and continue to add and update informations about animes. There is also others members of the Editor team editing animes but Spyros do globally everything.

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No way a dead project? It looks so simple and clean, but besides that I have a question how do they have all the anime I’ve watched through 1999-2021 that doesn’t sound dead much to me if they still keep up to date with the newest anime.

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Welcome to the website! I hope you will enjoy Akyoto work.

I recommend you to check these following post Clarification #1 and Clarification #2

Drisspy in On going animes

I don’t know about on going but uh you should watch some of these animes.. Beezlebub, I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, Myriad Colors Phantom World, Bai Yao Pu ( the subs are pretty difficult to read and watch it get’s better later in the show}, 86, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Tsuki ga Kirei, To Your Eternity. WATCH ALL OF THEM :P

Drisspy in Welcome to the forums!

The name’s Drisspy I just like anime and I found this website while searching up for a website that notifies you when there’s a new release so uh yeah I’ll be sticking around for the new things going for this site!

Gothique to Akyoto

Thank you for hosting this website. It means a lot to me. Previously before discovering this site tonight I was trying to keep track of the anime I had seen on Notepad. This makes things much easier and I will be supporting as soon as I am financially able. ♥


So this says I’ve spent around 36 days watchtime on anime so far. Huh, that’s neat!

Med in Can't Import my anime list from MAL

The MAL imports seem to be working again, the other imports are still not working.

Akyoto in [2021-11-18] Update
  • Fixed a missing entry in the database which caused problems on the sequels page
  • Updated the server software to the most recent versions
Med in 86 2nd Season

For every person actually watching the anime. The episode 7 (18) has been delayed to the next week

Rahul_Dutt in Tonikaku Kawaii

Loved it

SanyamGarg in Kakegurui

A masterpiece

Fleef in Platinum End

This show is pretty good


Clarification #2:

You are free to say whatever you want and the staff will respect your freedom of speech as long (!) as the tone of the message is respectful. Hate speeches are discouraged. If you want to trash-talk someone or something, you’re honestly better off not saying anything at all.

Constructive criticism on anime is of course always welcome and if your comment looks like it is not just some hate speech but an actually well-written article then there won’t be any problems with the moderators.

Respect the makers and respect the person you are talking to.


Clarification #1:

This site is basically a dead project that hasn’t seen any active development in the past 5 years.

I’m actually surprised it’s still running and people are still using it after literally noone has worked on it for such a long time.

If you still enjoy this site, you are of course free to use it - but don’t expect any new features or fixes.

Tsukifuneral in Komi-san wa, Komyushou desu.

why is this animated so beautifully wth

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Ahh i knew the first part. Didn’t realize season 3 wasnt announced.

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The season 1 and 2 are in the same page. Ep1-13 season 1. Ep14-26 season 2. There isn’t a season 3 but if they announce it, prevent us and we will add it if he was not added before.

Fleef in Kuromukuro

I think there’s a season 3 in the works could it be added to this website. Apparently this was a combination of season 1 and 2.

Fleef in Kuromukuro


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Just saw this comment :) This is literally my #1 anime, glad to see others enjoy it too.

Fleef in Kuromukuro

2 episodes in. This is really good. And I’ve never seen 1 person mention this anime.

Magah in Kingdom 4th Season

Waiting for the best anime!!!


I apologize for the downtime, the site should be back online now.