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How dumb can this witch be? This is more frustrating than Rent a Girlfriend

SweetLoliHeaven in Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu!


Med in Ryouko Ookami

Hold on, is this a know-off of taiga?

Deyestto in SamG's comment

Yes it is.

Evilisian in How do I delete my account?

Couldn’t find an option for that. Should I contact someone to delete it?

SweetLoliHeaven in Rail Romanesque 2nd Season


SamG in Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3

Can’t believe it’s over

Deyestto in ASSASSINO's comment

It has an very good running for an infamous anime/manga.

Spyros in Zom 100: Zombie ni Naru made ni Shitai 100 no Koto

Twitter update:

Time for #Zom100’s Grand Finale! 🧟

Episodes 10-12 premiere on @Crunchyroll , @Hulu , & @Netflix December 25!

BasicallyWiz in Dead Mount Death Play Part 2

I don’t know how they do it, but they just keep building up more hype for each new episode.

Every episode you think “This is it! This is when shit hits the fan!” and beyond all expectations, they hype it up more by adding more shit that’ll hit the fan you thought would have been hit four episodes ago. Low-key love this show to bits.

ASSASSINO in Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3

good bye AOT

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Mykel in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yuukaku-hen


SweetLoliHeaven in Hoshikuzu Telepath


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Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if and when eminence in shadow season 2 gets good, that is, if I even continue watching it

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LusitanMyth in SweetLoliHeaven's comment

i have not seen it yet, and after the first episode and ur opinion on the second i have no “apetite” to see it.

I am loving Goblin slayer 2, and also watching The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 2 part 2, Dead Mount Death Play season 2, Tokyo Revengers: season 3 Tenjiku Hen, The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 and Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 not liking much of the shield hero. and jujutsu althow jujutsu seems to be getting better in the latest episodes.

Also i am watching Shiki an anime that is already completed seems to be goodish so far.

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Where to watch this anime? 😭😭😭


Let’s see here…..

  • irresistably cute lolis
  • shy introverted girl
  • slice of life, CGDCT
  • girls love, aka soft yuri (forehead touching/flirting telepathy)

Screenshot-from-2023-10-18-11-00-20.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-18-11-54-42.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-18-11-57-25.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-18-11-57-38.png

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Doesn’t help that the second episode of this second season is even worse somehow

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Since Castlevania: Nocturne is out on Netflix almost more than an week ago; when will it be added on this site 🤔❓

LusitanMyth in SweetLoliHeaven's comment

yes, i also think so


A pleasant surprise, first anime I will keep an eye out for this season.

  • Lolis with cute art style

  • Comedic world which reminds me of kuma kuma kuma bear

  • A protagonist with a rather nasty, yet for all intents and purposes, fascinating personality

  • The way she:

    - Coerced a goddess to give her multiple powers
    - Set up a guy she didn't like
    - Knock out a maid with chloroform
    - Steal everything from a noble's house

Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-50-44.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-53-18.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-53-50.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-54-31.png Screenshot-from-2023-10-09-21-56-01.png

SweetLoliHeaven in LusitanMyth's comment

Felt a bit rushed

LusitanMyth in MiorA's comment

i liked the first season a lot but the first episode of this second season, i found it to be so so, about 5.810


wait for new ep of eminence in shadow

Adanos in Level 1 dakedo Unique Skill de Saikyou desu

I had a lot of fun watching this. Yes it’s simple, but sometimes that’s just the right thing.


2 season soon Sem-t-tulo

LusitanMyth in MikotoCranel's comment

I have watched some and the latest, but not all because it mixes the story from the first season and i watched the first season and the films that i saw all at the same time

MikotoCranel to LusitanMyth

And I see you have to see the movie of evangelion, don’t wait is incredible

MikotoCranel to LusitanMyth

Hye, tank you for follow me, just bro here did you see your anime

SweetLoliHeaven in LusitanMyth's comment

I’m looking forward to Rail Romanesque 2nd Season


2 season soon 2 season soon


Jujutsu Kaisen is being so highly rated and for me is mostly boring, the story is not interesting at all sure it has good animated fights, and it is a good anime but there is nothing keeping me interested. i just watched it with effort because it is what is airing at the moment and it is very well reviewed.

Jobless Reincarnation started good for me and the last 4 or 5 episodes were quite weak.

New bleach season is goodish.

I had praticaly zero interest in the anime airing this season.

I have been rewatching some of my favorite anime, -rewached Hajime no Ippo, the first season is awesome the others not so good, -rewatched Diamond no Ace and love it, -and rewatched kingdom also loved it.

I am waiting/looking for the upcoming: -Kingdom season 5, -Solo Leveling, -Goblin Slayer 2, -hoping for a new season of diamond no ace in 2024 or in the near future. -want to watch the first slam Dunk movie that is being very well received.

And have some interest in the upcoming: -Gekijouban Haikyuu!! Final -and Kengan Ashura new season.

Kingdom and diamond no ace are so good omg can´t wait for more.

And you guys what anime are you waiting for?

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So my name is Reem, I am 15 years old, and I am a new otaku. I don’t know much about anime

Reemsan in SweetLoliHeaven's comment

Sorry, I’m new here and I don’t know anyone you’d like to know