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Finally, some good fkin animation

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Orochi’s backstory took too much time, only the last 1 minute was whitebeard vs roger, BUT THE ANIMATION SLAPPED

SanyamGarg in One Piece


i heard it will be the same animator as zoro vs killer


Spyros in Anime update episode

Hi guys. It is a bit difficult to update the anime episode list, since I am doing it by hand on each individual anime, please make a reference of the anime needing update to the en channel on discord and I will fix it promptly. Thank you for your time.

Dragonify in Detective Conan

This list needs to be updated, its already almost ep 1000

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Dropped on chapter 30, gets trashy as you read more of it.

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Got too addicted so deleted



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SanyamGarg in Koe no Katachi


YN in Play My Game


Midarisenpai in Japanese Language


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ok but will end up in bin with trash one in the end xD make it to 200 or 250

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Anyways I’m not gonna stop, I feel like I need to do at least 1000 before I stop.

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just kidding im the one whos behind you. you have watched one piece :D dont get worked up senpai xD

Fleef in Kemono Jihen

First ep, pretty good honestly.

SanyamGarg in 2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu

worth watching ?

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I’ll catch up :P

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well done but you are behind me :))

SanyamGarg in Satoru Gojou

Goujou sensei overpowered

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How far did you get?

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Can you share your MAL username and the error you’re getting?

GoldenX in Japanese Language


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It’s on my planned to watch list

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Haven’t tried AL import but when I try to import MAL, I get an error.

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I don’t think I would like the visuals more than in Arslan Senki but it does not look bad so I will definitely give it a try :) Thanks for the recommendation!

Have you seen Akatsuki no Yona? I would say it’s less historical and it definitely is different to Arslan Senki but they still share a lot of parallels as well. If you like these kingdoms & princes/princesses stories in general, you should give it a try.

Despair in Not able to import from MAL, it's a pain doing everything manually, please fix it!

While AniList imports are broken and the bug won’t be fixed for a while MAL imports seem to work fine for me without any problems, could you elaborate your issue here? Thanks.

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Hmm well, it has really nice historical aspects in my opinion but I watched Kingdom first and then Arslan senki and found that they were similar. Personally it’s in my top 3 favorite anime but you may not like the CGI in season 1. I’m not sure how you feel about CGI but season 2 and 3 get much better but it is an on-going anime but I guess because of COVID it got stopped. I just love everything about it.

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I know that there’s a manga and also a novel, that’s what the anime is based on. I even own some of the manga volumes. And yeah I like reading manga but no, I do not enjoy reading manga more than watching anime. That’s why I said that I definitely need the anime sequel. And apart from that, I don’t think that the manga is finished either since that’s the main reason why the anime doesn’t get a new season, afaik. Of course, I will read the manga and maybe even the novel someday. But I do always wait with reading a manga of a good anime because I do not want to get spoilered. For me, it’s much more exciting to see new scenes in anime than reading them in manga. I’m just that type.

ShinoHere in Not able to import from MAL, it's a pain doing everything manually, please fix it!

Not able to import from MAL. Please fix this!

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No, I haven’t seen that one yet but I heard of it. Would you recommend? Btw, it’s not that I’m especially into historical anime or something, however, they definitely can be awesome when made well.

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There’s the manga of it you can read. Sometimes manga is better than the adapted anime too. If you’re worrying about the fact that you won’t enjoy manga too much then trust me you’ll love reading manga more than watching anime. My opinion could be off too considering different people’s perspectives.

Despair in Upload from pc?

You could use a VPN service like NordVPN to view the content not available in your region. If you have YT premium subscription too then you can download and listen to literally everything. Hope it helps.

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A true master

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16th Feb 2021

12:45 PM

I have completed my 100th anime

I’m in the triple digits now

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lmao ikr

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What kind of question is that?

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Some soundtracks on this website have been removed from yt/soundcloud and since they are stored on the website’s servers, maybe provide a download option for users?