Weirdo in Leviackerman's comment

hola , bienvenido/a =D

Nezuk to Despair

no you deku cool

Leviackerman in Musicians

Hola que tal

Leviackerman in Musicians

Hola que tal

BasicallyWiz in SanyamGarg's comment

Definitely sounds weird. Maybe it’s just some fetish thing.

Pikaii in Sekisou-tai

where can i watch this ?

Nezuk in Dr. STONE

oh my god

Nezuk in Dr. STONE


Sabolchick in Botapp's comment

show me

Botapp in Fleef's comment

yeah I’ve hidden some anime

it’s not a lot though

Nauto in Naruto

nice vid

Nauto in Naruto


Rifurin in Rifurin's comment

Болноо миний хүү

SanyamGarg in BasicallyWiz's comment

Yeah, and now I just dont wanna watch oden dance for 5 minutes in a 20 minute episode with his underwear showing for some reason (wtf animators??)

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Spyros in Fleef's comment

Click Here,

Fleef to Spyros

Where can i look at the terms of service

Fleef to Botapp

You should mark which anime’s you’ve completed. Says you have 0 completed. Or do you not want to show which you have completed?

BasicallyWiz in SanyamGarg's comment

I don’t know what you expected, when this season has been pushing out an episode a week for nearly two years now.

Botapp in SanyamGarg's comment

24 minutes for 17 pages

idk the studio has to do what it gotta does

Ultrafrogjumper in SanyamGarg's comment

living under a rock?

BlurredRevenge in BlurredRevenge's comment

nvm i just realized season 3 is broken into 2 parts mb

BlurredRevenge in Attack on Titan Season 3

It’s bugged I think. It only goes up to episode 12 on my list.

Spyros in SanyamGarg's comment


SanyamGarg in One Piece

Toei has completely fucked it up now, I was so reluctant on reading the manga because I wanted to watch th amazing fights, but what’s the point if good animation comes for like 10 seconds every 5 months. Recent episodes are trash. I’m shifting to manga ✌🏻

Dimehell in Fleef's comment

Yeah , there is no more respect to the characters ( vegeta even cook ?? )

Melizcan in Kimetsu no Yaiba

ya me la termine y estoy esperando la pelicula

SanyamGarg in Boku no Hero Academia 5

aYo why didnt i know this started?!?

Dimehell in Fleef's comment

Well Dragon ball and Dragon Ball z are good , Dragon Ball GT , Dragon ball super , etc.. are not

Fleef in Dimehell's comment

Have you been reading the dragon ball super 2 manga?

Fleef in Dimehell's comment


Dimehell in Dragon Ball Z

Last good chapter of dragon ball … ;(


Hey guys , my childhood anime will be rate between 9.9 and 10

Dimehell in Dragon Ball

Dragon ball is so much better then what will come some years later

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Fleef in Fleef's comment

nvm found on yt

Fleef in Kingdom 3rd Season

Can’t find the 5th episode anywhere ):

Dimehell in IronMaiden's comment

what anime are you talking about ?


guys can someone tell me how to watch fate to undrestand everything ? like tell me the time line of fate anime i dont know what order its best to watch it

Dimehell in Masamune-kun no Revenge

bad end ;(