Shiyanora in Lian Xie

Just for this character, can we please add a feature that lets you give multiple likes? Because I would really love to give Xie Lian 3000 likes. ;)

Insider jokes aside, this is in fact one of my most fav fictional characters. I don’t think I’ve ever found a character I could identify myself with more than this one. Thank you Mo Xiang Tong Xiu for creating this great character ♡

BasicallyWiz in OnTake's comment

Spoken like a true- wait that’s the show’s title!

OnTake in Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan


Botapp in Botapp's comment

Binge watching this when it finishes. Or maybe wait for blu-ray release??

Blaze_tarun in Deyestto's comment

Wass up!😁

Deyestto in Blaze_tarun's comment


Spyros in Altair's comment

No problem, I realized that the titles were missing as synonyms, probably why you could not find it, fixed that as well

Altair in Spyros's comment

My apologies. Did not even realize.

Blaze_tarun in Blossom

Anyone active?

Spyros in Altair's comment

It’s not missing, its this one: I had to fix the relation with the correct season.

Altair in Missing Anime

Can you please add My Hero Academia: Laugh! As if You Are in Hell and My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball.

Altair in Blaze_tarun's comment

It’s a neat website. I have discord. altair7307 Other then that no.

Blaze_tarun in Altair's comment

Nothing just found this website. Do you have any social ,edit handle??😀

Altair in Blaze_tarun's comment

Hi. :) Not much. You?

Blaze_tarun to Altair

Hey! What’s up

Blaze_tarun in Blossom


Shiyanora in Tagatame (Opening Version)

It didn’t even take one second for me to love this opening. Well, what else to expect from TK. Just hear him breathe in and you already know it’s gonna be good stuff.

Deyestto in Along's comment

Same here.


Just a guy watching anime.

AniMed in Unnamed Memory

The last two episode (6 and 7) feels like it’s missing a lot of context. Not sure if it’s just me-

LusitanMyth in Diamond no Ace: Act II

finally the announcement of the sequel. It’s a shame it’s still in production and not ready for release.

Spyros in ExtraKat's comment

The site was abandoned as a project and only functioned with the things that worked properly and some things are disabled and were never fixed, if there were no contributions on the site from editors, this site would have been shut down a long time ago. Lately the site admin started to check a few things and is thinking of revitalizing it, so I am excited for it.

AniMed in ExtraKat's comment

So you’re thinking of getting notifications when a new relations for a completed anime get created?

Spyros in ExtraKat's comment

No need to apologize, it is a function of the website, you just didn’t know where to look. You can click on your icon on the top left and there are a series of buttons, including this link that it derives from the button Sequels

ExtraKat in Broken Drifters pages

this was supposed to be on bugs im just a dumbas

ExtraKat in Broken Drifters pages

Drifters season 2 says there’s no episodes. but on it says it has episodes. Drifters 1 doesn’t allow me to go to drifters 2

Also also I theres Drifters 13-12 (OVA), Drifters OVA, Drifters:special edition. are these wrong?? or am I just stupid

Also Drifters is a great anime but I dont think its getting a second season from all of the websites saying nothings coming.

ExtraKat in Spyros's comment

Was this already implemented? I’m sorry if it was.

ExtraKat in AniMed's comment

Well lets say you forget the anime. and you bored one day. You pull up the sequels tab and see these animes?

Altair in Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei

That was extremely dark and horrifying.

Spyros in Show Seasons of your finished anime

AniMed in Show Seasons of your finished anime

Isn’t there a relations section under the anime characters where it show sequels, spin-off/alternatives?

Example :

ExtraKat in Show Seasons of your finished anime

Show Seasons of your finished anime instead of forgetting an anime that has came out this year only to find out that it had 3 seasons without you knowing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ This only shows the seasons for completed anime.

BasicallyWiz in Toaru Majutsu no Index

Still a great show! I think it holds up really well even compared to modern anime, in terms of storytelling, character design, and animation quality.

LulaLouca in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Bonta-kun is my new favorite mascot e.e

BasicallyWiz in On the Front Line

The guitar solos in this song make me go crazy

Altair in Spyros's comment

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Spyros in Altair's comment

Here you go,

Altair in Missing Anime

Boku no Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Heroes:Rising - Epilogue Plus: Yume wo Genjitsu ni is missing.


This site looks good imo

Altair in Mujin Wakusei Survive

I forgot how good this series is. :)