Ohayou gozaimasu

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it,s cool😎


Sorry for the little downtime, site should be up again.

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Yah you are good recording a video from YouTube. ㆁωㆁ🙄

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Btw I deleted my new account he is my old one.

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I’m recording a video for YouTube so I’m good.

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Hey How are u


I really hate watching movies for no reason. Please help-

Starlight to Kyuutakun


Evilisian in JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze

(o-0) there is more

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Shiyanora in Hisoka Morow

I might reveal a strange taste by saying this. But he’s definitely my fav character of this show. 😅

Shiyanora in Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Finally watched this ‘classic’. I was surprised this show got me hooked pretty early on and I think until ep 75 it only got better with every episode. Really loved it! Then, in comparison to the first half, the second half’s story was pretty bad. It was like ‘We need a reason why that happens. Ah okay, then we just give the already overpowered character one more power’. I’m not sure if I would have dropped or skipped that arc if it were not for some cool new characters. Also, in my opinion the end is semi-satisfying in many aspects but of course that is a matter of taste.

So I would give the first half a really high score and the second half a considerably smaller one. Would be interested to know if someone has a different/opposing opinion, though.


hi there you 2

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Hi there

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Yuri in Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX - Welcome to The Madness

Hey I like Yuri on Ice that s coooool and awesome

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Hi I was in Saudia Arabia Now iam in Pakistan and i like anime wow.

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Watashi wa genkidesu.

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ogenki desu

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Yuri in Japanese Language


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Kon ,nichiwa ogenkidisuka

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Yuri in Japanese Language

Hello there

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Hello you are Chinees ,…..

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Hello How are u

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Hello !

MrsLucrative in Radiant

Its a pretty good anime! I enjoy it!

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What about Shippuden?

AovaChan in Louis

I love this dude

AovaChan in Haru

best girl

AovaChan in Legosi

good boi


Wondering if you could put the shounen ai genre in the explore section, so it would be easier to access

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Glad to hear that :)

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If you click on the ranking number of a character it should show you a list of the most liked ones.

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ey b follow moi ptn