MuhammadFaizanShah in Akudama Drive

Great animations and interesting plot !

MuhammadFaizanShah in enjoy the silence

damn boi

Amatrelan in Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch

Great finish for this story. And I’m happy we got to see real ending for this

Sneakyninja in Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

when hajime eats the monster flesh he goes ken kaneki mode

Sneakyninja in Seidou Takizawa


Spyros in Despair's comment

Anytime, ask and you shall receive!!

Despair to Spyros

Just happened to come across your profile to say hi. Also thanks for the help up till now.

Scott in Mecha enthusiasts

I didn’t saw it but there’s also a new teaser for the third trailer!

Despair in Hyouka

I enjoyed Hyouka very much. This is one of my favourite anime series.

Despair in Lightswift's comment

You won’t be able to find the movie after it is released for atleast half a year since they are theatrical releases. You can check out the blurays once they are available or watch it on anime streaming sites when available.

Lightswift in SanyamGarg's comment

I also can’t seem to find it, anywhere. If anyone knows where to watch it or download it it would be greatly appreciated

Despair in Ex-Arm

A big disappointment but can’t blame the director.

LewdFish in AgentOttsel's comment


LewdFish in Feren's comment

Don’t we all my dude, don’t we all

Feren in The Seven Deadly Sins New TV Anime Announced

I hope they improved the animation :/

AgentOttsel in SanyamGarg's comment

こんにちは!\( ̄▽ ̄)/

Scott in Mecha enthusiasts

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash is now scheduled for May 7, 2021!

I’m really hyped by this movie after watching the trailer and seeing these visual

Despair in The Seven Deadly Sins New TV Anime Announced

Netflix has posted a teaser for the new The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement anime series which was postponed due to COVID-19.

It will start premiering from January 6.

VileCreamPuffs in Moepoi's comment

Here, this is my UID 610260087.

SanyamGarg in Despair's comment

Honestly, ill just complete the ones on my watching list currently then ill take a break from anime, so basically jujutsu kaisen and tonikawa and fire force.

One piece and boruto will never end lol

Shiyanora in Despair's comment

I can definitely relate when thinking back to school times. In school, I had to listen to this bullshit almost every day. I had a few friends who watched anime as well but those could be counted on the fingers of one hand. But to be honest, although it was annoying, I mostly just laughed inwardly since it was kinda hilarious that they said “anime is for kids” but my most fav anime back then had an age limit as of 16 :’D

Fortunately, everything got better in university. Since I study meteorology, which is part of the faculcy for mathematics and physics, most people are relatively mature there. And of course there are quite some nerds as well :D

Shiyanora in Despair's comment

Ah nice, enjoy Bleach!!

I’m not quite sure yet as well. I’ll definitely continue to watch Black Clover. And I just recently started Chuunibyou so I’ll finish that. And in december SnK 4 will start to air but I’m not sure yet if I will watch it instantly or wait until it’s finished.

Currently I do not have much time to watch anyway.

Despair in Blossom

What are you guys watching this winter? I’m not sure what I’ll be watching but I think I’ll continue watching Bleach and the ones I put on pause.

Fleef in Shiyanora's comment

oh ok

Shiyanora in Fleef's comment

I mean if you click on “characters” on this page, there is just Thorfinn. And you can’t find the other charas of this show since they do not exist in the database yet. But I made a note for myself so I’ll add them soon :)

Moepoi in Genshin Impact

Add me

UID : 800282559 (Asia)

Fleef in Shiyanora's comment

You said “I just noticed there’s just Thorfinn in characters yet” what do you mean by that? There’s askeladd and Thorkell, etc.

Despair in Shruti's comment

Not related to the theme song but for me Fairy Tail went from my favourite anime to the anime I spended up wasting my time on. Also, looks like your new. Nice to meet you.

Shruti in Fairy Tail Main Theme

damn this feels the best!

Shruti in Any Yuri Anime?

Check out Happy sugar life. Btw don’t judge this anime by it’s name.

Despair in Despair's comment

I checked and some sites including AniList do state that the movie isn’t the prequel to the current airing anime, I think so this is because of the events occurring differently in the light novel. So, don’t change anything and also add the movie to relations under the second season’s anime page.

Despair in Spyros's comment

I have watched both the first season and the movie and the season which is airing right now picks up where it left off in the movie.

Spyros in Despair's comment

Actually, the official site does not say anything regarding that, trackers claim that the movie is a sequel to the second season so far. It will remain as it is and it will be monitored for changes.

SanyamGarg to AgentOttsel


Shiyanora in Fleef's comment

Although I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece as mentioned before, I still agree. Loved that anime. I rarely like Vikings as much as I like them here. And the OPs and EDs are awesome!

I just noticed there’s just Thorfinn in characters yet. Might add some more here later.

Shiyanora in Despair's comment

I added the main characters so far, I’ll add more soon.

Despair in Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen

“The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars” is the prequel to this. The prequel to the movie is the first season.

Despair in Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Please add character list here

Fleef in SanyamGarg's comment

Hmm it wasn’t confusing for me. I would rewatch,

SanyamGarg in Fleef's comment

I loved the animation, the story, the opening.

The story towards the last 3-4 episodes was kinda confusing and i didnt understand it, will rewatch some day