BasicallyWiz in Black Clover

Pretty good anime.

From the whole base of the show being about wizards and witches having Grimoires with clovers, I can’t help but make jokes about it being in Ireland. (I haven’t researched it, it might actually)

The main character is incredibly annoying for the first five episodes or so. I hate his voice.

The audio mixing is decent, but it’ll go from too quiet to too loud almost spontaneously and constantly.

The ingerish is nice too; not as good as in Jojo though.

This show doesn’t deserve too much praise so far, but hey, I’m only 23 EPs in.

When this show started airing, I tried it. I made it to episode 4 until I dropped it due to the main character voice. He’s just too loud. However, now that she show is almost finished, (maybe just the first season) I’m going at it again. Took two years and a bit, though.

The only reason I’m watching it now is because I’m out of good anime I know of.

Pretty damn decent.

SanyamGarg in dates of upcoming anime sorting

A sorting option for the “planned tab” that shows the release date of upcoming anime? thanks.

SanyamGarg in AMVs not uploading

i tried on 3 devices and multiple refreshes, im trying to upload an amv and it reaches 100% and then says “failed to upload”

it is a webm format file and its only about 10mb

SanyamGarg to Ultrafrogjumper

you watched like 40 episodes or doraemon and you mark it as “completed” 😂


I dont even know why im talking to myself like this..

Cryental in Akyoto's comment

Thank you for providing really nice API :)

Akyoto to Cryental

Thank you for the support!

Akyoto to Kimaul

I’m a bit late but thank you for the donation!


Why want a 3D bf when you can have all the 2Ds?


Im bored and boutta die ;-;

KrdX in Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2


SanyamGarg in Playlists?

for the music

Med in enjoy the silence

This is so cool

Akyoto in Anime Notifier - Developers

The offline access vote tells me there are 9 people without the need for it and 4 people who could benefit from an offline mode.

The way I think about this result is that even if only a single person benefits from this change, it should be implemented.

However, offline mode requires a complete remake of the entire website’s code and I will basically need to start from zero. Essentially a full rewrite. This will take time and I can’t give you an ETA because I’ve been very busy lately, but this is something I have on my mind for future versions of the website. Doing a complete remake would also allow me to fix some of the shortcomings of the current website.

Conclusion: Offline mode is something I definitely want to implement but it will take a lot of time.

Akyoto in Date when start/finished an anime

I agree with the idea, however I can’t promise anything soon.

Shioko in Yesterday wo Utatte


SanyamGarg in Date when start/finished an anime

Can there be an function in which you can see which date you started/finished an anime?

For new anime that a person starts, i suggest that the date is automatically selected when a person transfers an anime to “watching” while for anime the person has already watched, the person can manually select dates if they want

Shioko in Yesterday wo Utatte

f-words Kazuma (kimi no iru machi) liked characters

Shiyanora in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Never expected this anime to become that good in the end. I think for about the first 5 eps I was constantly thinking “maybe I should drop this”. I’m still not sure why but I’m glad I didn’t.

Shioko in Yesterday wo Utatte

I’m kind of annoying to see the “male” support character. Hopefully, that will not lead to any NTR stuffs.

AovaChan to Josephboi

you am cute

Spyros to LLENN


I yearn for true gender equality.

Akyoto to TomGER

Thank you for the support!


Senko watching you x’)

Shiyanora in SanyamGarg's comment

No problem ;-)

SanyamGarg in Shiyanora's comment

oooooooooooohhhhhh now i get it

omg im such an idiot.


Shiyanora in SanyamGarg's comment

Ah, now I see what you’re confused about. See, this number doesn’t show the number of days when you watched anime. It shows your total watch time by summing up the lengths of every anime episode you have watched. So in other words, it shows how many days you would have spent watching anime if you would have watched all those episodes non stop ;-)

SanyamGarg in Activity function?

Even if it’s completed shows, I’ve been using this tracker for about 3-4 months if not more, and I watch anime everyday .

I also update my account episodes on this tracker everyday.

Akyoto in [2020-05-08] Update
  • Fixed the anime watch time calculation on user profiles
  • Development: Updated the server software to the latest version
Akyoto to Shiyanora

Welcome to the editor team!

Akyoto in Shiyanora's comment

Yea, it only counts completed shows. I think we can fix this.

Shiyanora in SanyamGarg's comment

Yeah of course, there’s no rush. Actually I can do it for you right now, since I’m going to add some stuff anyway.

SanyamGarg in Shiyanora's comment

I cant do it right now cuz my laptop is out of charge and I need to complete an assignment by 30 minutes.

So can I do it later?

Shiyanora in SanyamGarg's comment

No problem, just wanted to let you know :)

SanyamGarg in Shiyanora's comment

Oh! Sure! I just thought it would be nice this way. Sorry

Shiyanora in Activity function?

I’m not the expert here but I’m quite sure that ongoing shows are not included in this number, even if you track the number of episodes you already watched. Since you watch One Piece, I guess this might be your number one reason for saying it’s totally wrong.

This is of course not a really important matter but I still think it’s something that could be fixed, if possible.

Shiyanora to SanyamGarg

Hi, just a quick note for posting soundtracks: You can add the opening/ending number of a track in the tags with op:NUMBER or ed:NUMBER like it is explained at the bottom of the page when adding/editing a soundtrack. That way you don’t need to put the number in the title. I think it would be great if we could keep a consistent format :)

SanyamGarg in Activity function?

I looked at my profile and it said something like “NarutoShonen spent 27 days watching anime”

how is this calculated? asking because its totally wrong

Shiyanora in Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken

Not that I ever heard anything bad about it, but honestly I never imagined this anime to be that good! Rimuru is the best, can’t wait for S2!