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2 years without any news regarding a S3….

why live? just to suffer…

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YES I can finally watch Isekai Quartet

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Finally finished

  • good
  • I love it… can’t wait for S3!!!
  • I have to admit though I’m biased
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It continues

  • 👍
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It’s one of my most fav comedy anime, probably even the number one for me, so I definitely agree with all your positive comments 😄 I’ll never forget those katsudon scenes :’D

It’s just a pity that the second season is only available on aniverse (as a legal way). That’s why I still haven’t watched it yet even though I’ve been waiting for this sequel for quite a long time and was really happy to hear it finally happened.

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It’s pretty good

  • It’s not a typical isekai
  • Nice ost 👍
  • plot
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yeah, takes half the season for it to be good… i hope season 3 doesn’t suffer a worse fate.

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Rising of the Turtle

  • It gets better as the season goes on
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“But can he beat Goku though?”

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The soundtrack is really good, I think they got a whole orchestra or something

  • I recommend
  • Interesting story
  • Amazing OST
  • I binged it (-_-)
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I love it

  • not your typical isekai
  • Outstanding op
  • Lore (?)
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🇧🇷 Boa noite! 🇧🇷

Botapp to LulaLouca

Brazil 🇧🇷

Botapp to Miya

I think you know what the one piece is

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Wait the third season came out? I’m behind yikes

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Ahh can’t wait for it to be released!!

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:> nay

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I thought this was a slice of life…

  • Good animation!
  • Pretty funny (in my opinion)
  • Has action scenes
  • relatable
  • I am hungry for MgRonalds :>
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ouch… hope he gets better…

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Oh really. Whoa. Hope he recovered soon.

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Oof. I hope he is alright and better soon.

Spyros in LulaLouca's comment

Due to his hand injuries, simple as that.

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Hmm for some reason I have gotten quite thirsty

  • For aspiring bartenders
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animation and pacing, 1210

  • absolutely watch Bleach before this though, makes it so much better
  • Zero filler
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to this day i don’t get why development stopped, it had so much potential…

Altair in Missing Anime

That only took three days. Not a lot of time. Thanks for adding.

Spyros in Spyros's comment

And I forgot to say that, but its to Akyoto as well who keeps spending a chunk of his money to keep this site alive, even though development has ceased

Spyros in Deyestto's comment

I spend a significant amount of time to add new anime and searching for new entries to make, so replies are going to be slim next to none from me. To say that this site is dead cause of not frequent replies is a bit of an insult to me and to the time I am dedicating to keep this site updated.

Spyros in Altair's comment, took a little longer cause of lack of time but there ya go.

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I see.

Deyestto in SamG's comment


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For some reason the ost is really good

  • 1010 music
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It will never happen. You’re not the first to ask, nor will you be the last. It’s a real slap in the face to people who have paid money to buy PRO accounts. Why do you get to have dark mode for free? More users will use it? Development is dead. Most people never use this site anymore, or like me come back once every year or something.

Altair in Missing Anime

Zhongguo Qi Tan (Yao-Chinese Folktales ) is missing. It was released twelve days ago. Two episodes have been released. It’s super good by the way.

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Better animation than the last one

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It’s really not bad. If you’re that butthurt about it, just install Dark Reader.


maybe make dark mode free, more users will use it that way, the site is very unusable when its full white

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Seems to be going very well so far

LusitanMyth in The First Slam Dunk

Want to watch it! but can’t find it on internet.

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I would kill for a Visual Novel lol