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Not anymore

LulaLouca in Yuusha, Yamemasu

The OVA is missing…

Botapp in Vinland Saga

It’s pretty good

  • Plot 1010
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I reply to users who have questions or who ask for characters/animes to be added. I’m not very active otherwise (and Spyros do most/all of the “add new anime” work), I had planned to make a post about a program I made about 2 months ago to help export notify anime list to anilist but I ended up not doing it because I started rewriting it in nodejs and never finished it. However, if anyone looked for it in the search bar and found this post, a web version (in javascript) is linked to my profile description. There are only 2 things required, a JSON Export and an Anilist Authentication Token whose steps to retrieve it are already shown to the user on the website. Others then that, the only thing you will need is patience since it can take several’s minutes / hours depending of your notify list.

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I thought it is still quite in my opinion cause I’m getting more replies than other anime listed sites (following MyAnimeList).

LulaLouca in what's the best starter animes?

3 months late, but every newcomer should start with studio ghibli.

after that, seek for anime genders you like.

Spauw in How many active users?

judging from the amount of replies it is kinda dead, but the site looks cool


website looks cool ngl

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Well you’re not wrong there I did slept on most episodes because it is very bland though I’m still finishing cause I did left off on second season finale.

BasicallyWiz in Fumetsu no Anata e 2nd Season

I didn’t notice it was airing until now, but I’m super glad I did, this is amazing so far!

Attackonfiller in Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen

Don’t know how ep 6 can be beat HOT DAMN!

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Are you talking about the 2015 robots in disguise? cuz they ruined the characters so much in my opinion that i don’t really want to watch it lol.

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Nor do I especially other shows that I completed that are supposed to be anime especially Transformers for that matter at the same time try to watch finish Robots in Disguise Season 3.

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Because this anime is not actual anime just like Avatar and Samurai Jack that are listed only

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Yes! Surprisingly good for a video game spin-off.

LusitanMyth in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


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Nero is missing q-q

LulaLouca in Transformers: Prime

jeez, this page is kinda empty, i didn’t even know tf:p was considered an anime here o-o

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Peak Isekai

Attackonfiller in Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen

Man… what a beautiful comeback! I cried.

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It got removed by google

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Is it no longer available?

NwoknU in Baccano!

Unique story and the way they portrayed it throughout the episodes.

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o7 Can throw logs and stuff

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I’m doing well, you can reach me out on Instagram: @xetoh. I remember who you are, in fact, I remember everyone I meet, it’s one of my bearing qualities. I’m doing well. I can update you a lot more when we call. If you have WhatsApp, I’ll give you my number, but I rather pass it over Instagram. Just a few things to update you on, I’m in college and doing well. As for the girls, I’m not a player. I did talk to some girls though, and scored a number, but she doesn’t respond to my texts anymore. I’m also not going to college for the whole year, I’m just doing a semester to get credits. Another update, I’m moving.

LadyDragon to CURSE

Thx u for the add😊

Botapp in Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen


Stableshock to Entertainer

Man, I don’t have any other way of reaching you and you probably forgot about me. But if you didn’t, how are you man? I just wanna check up.

Golngaz in Welcome to the forums!

Hello there !! I discover this website a short time ago, and I love it !! It is so dynamic and modern, well built with a great database, perfect for my use :) I love too the import/export feature :D It also has a huge potential of evolution and so many fun features for now ^^ Thanks for all



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Its now fixed, thanks for the comment

Suniaster in Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo 3nd Season

2 episodes for this show have already aired

LusitanMyth in Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo

Loved it. Don’t understand the mediocre scores

LusitanMyth in Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen - Memorial Edition


Tengen in Delete account


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You don’t even need to enter a email while registering, just change your connection service inside settings

Tengen in Delete account

can you delete mine too? or remove it from the database maybe.. i used my wrong email

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Just read that season 2 will run for 6 months straight. 🙏

NwoknU in Bucchigire!

Great anime, love the art style which I’ve never seen before and has a entertaining story.

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It’s a issue between Shoboi (the website that give us t he name a time before episode release) and the official number of episode, that’s probably because of episode 0 but I am not sure. Next episode gonna be airing in 6d