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I have never seen an anime like this before, the art style is much different than I’m use to. (which I don’t mind) and the story is very unique. I like it so far, I’m halfway through ep 2 while writing this.

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Coming this October!!!!

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On episode 2, and it’s hilarious

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Hello Mithun, there is no option to delete an account.

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thanks, I’ll watch it then

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Yes, I think that all the broken “cliché” of a isekai made in the anime are very interesting since it makes you want to know these stories even more. It’s rare that anime takes this kind of approach so it’s a change from the isekai I’ve already seen (even if the anime itself is not really an isekai but more of a comedy about isekai)

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Man that still reminds me finish S2 of it.

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Oh yeah especially time gap in-between other than Super for that matter in my opinion.

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I know I do.

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Mithun to Akyoto

i want to delete my account.please remove my account from here admin.

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How should i delete my account? i wanna delete my account and start fresh.

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Do you like it so far?

Chomuu in Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ougonkyou

SECOND SEASON LETS GOOOOO! note to self to watch when finishes airing

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Episode 5 have been delayed due to covid reasons again. Episodes should normally start to air again in two week.

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ok thanks :)

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Try putting them as if this was the start of a new anime. 13 = 1, 14=2 ,15 =3, ect ect

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I can’t change the watched to 15 episodes it says limit is 12

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KINGDOM IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Med to Nikku

Welcome 👀

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Nothing that is realeasing now beats kingdom and danmachi, made in abyss so so, overlord will see, classroom of the elite so so . Kingdom and Danmachi MUST SEE 100% Reccomended!

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Finaly is out!!!

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Me, this is a good, underrated site!

(sad that it is abandoned tho)

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so around 148 people

Yuukosan in How many active users?

me… kinda

LusitanMyth in How many active users?

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Who here still actively uses this website?

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This looks similar to, the time i reincarnated as a slime

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Finished GT after many years…

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Bilibili Watch

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second ep of orient was great

Fleef in Orient: Awajishima Gekitou-hen

nice season 2

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I am loving it, Season 4 of kingdom is being fantastic and it is getting good overal score at myanimelist too, For the people that have not tried it i SUPER RECOMEND it, the first episode of first season is terible in quality but after that is a ride that i am certain most people if not all would enjoy very much.

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How are you liking the 4th season?

Fleef to LusitanMyth

I love the anime’s you’ve watched. And I like that you rate your animes

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Do you still use this website daily

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It’s not an anime lol– Shinzo Abe was the PM of Japan

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mr finn.

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Uh uh what’s up bro uh… I’m doing uh… good. What’s that anime? Sorry I’m like awkward.

StarTwinkle to Spyros

Thank you for your contributions :)