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I’m a newbie to this whole anime thing. I’m online most of the time (epecially in summer) so feel free to talk to me!

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May 2020



It may be a little forward but can you tell me your favourite anime genre? Mine is Thriller and Action!


I really hate watching movies for no reason. Please help-


Try watching movies in parts, usually I divide a movie in parts of 30 minutes each. But I do recommend watching it in one go to not break the flow of interest.


Wondering if you could put the shounen ai genre in the explore section, so it would be easier to access


Just wondering if you could add a character section. Maybe a sort feature would be nice. Totally understandable if it’s not possible. Just sharing my idea


If you click on the ranking number of a character it should show you a list of the most liked ones.


Anyone knows a good action anime series that I could watch? Thanks


Well the action genre is pretty large so I don’t know what kind of action series you are searching for, but I compared our lists and saw that you haven’t watched Shingeki no Kyoujin, Arslan Senki, Nanatsu no Taizai, Black Clover, Psycho Pass, Noragami, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and the Fate series yet, for instance. They all are more or less action but with very different second genres. Maybe you can find something you’ll like :)

And one more thing: If you click on the tab “Explore” and go to the right upper corner and click on the second button from the left, you can explore the genres. Click on “Action” and you will see all anime tagged with action, sorted by popularity (if I’m not mistaken).


thank you