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KyoAni enthusiasts

KyoAni enthusiasts

Do you love KyoAni works? If yes, this group is for you.

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Oi galera sou nova do grupo , vcs podem me orientar ?


I joined because of Hyouka. I’ll be happy to hear your favorite KyoAni anime.


My favorite KyoAni anime is definitely Violet Evergarden. Who doesn’t like it?


I haven’t watched it yet, I might watch it later.


Violet Evergarden is awesome, you should definitely watch it!


I love Violet Evergarden. Its one of my fav animes. The movie made me cry so much. ;-;


Tbh I joined because of Beyond boundaries lol


Okay, this was a bit too late because I just had the time to visit this site; so KyoAni’s building-the main studio-got burned by a man whose intentions was “because KyoAni ripped me off,” or something like that. A lot of storyboards, key animations, scripts, even anime videos were lost in the fire, and thirty four of their employees died, with a lot of injured ones as well. There will be no Kobayashi-san’s 2nd Season, no Violet Evergarden’s movie, no sequel for Free, no sequel for Baja no Studio, no adaptation for Nijuuseiki Denki Mokuroku, and a lot of projects that will get delayed. KyoAni is my favorite anime studio by far, and I wish any of you who has the money can consider supporting KyoAni from Sentai Filmworks’ GoFundMe ( or to buy digital images from their store (, it will help the company a lot. They’ve did a lot of good things for us, let’s give them back what they deserve to get. Thank you. (full rant from me here: