Dorothy West

Dorothy West


Dorothy West is a PriPara idol and 7th grader at Paprika Private Academy. She is voiced by Azuki Shibuya, a member of i☆Ris. She is twin sisters with Leona West and comes from Canada (her father) and Japan (her mother). She sometimes mixes English with Japanese while she is speaking. Her preferred brand is Fortune Party.

She made a cameo debut in Episode 11. In Episode 14, she forms a unit called Dressing Pafé with Shion Todo and Leona West.

She has short light blue hair with a braid on her right side and has bright blue eyes. She also wears a sailor’s hat on the left side of her head.

She is bright and cheerful while having an Idol type personality. Sometimes she can be very serious, as shown during Episode 13.

Her name (Dorothy) is based on the first note of the Solfège scale.

She was fired by Mirei and Kuma in Episode 12, because she wanted her twin to perform with her.



Source:Pri Para Wiki


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