Laala Manaka

Laala Manaka

真中まなか ぁら

Manaka Laala is the main protagonist of the series. She is voiced by Himika Akaneya, a member of i☆Ris. She is a 5th grader at Paprika Academy. She uses the idol dress Twinkle Ribbon. Her name is based on the sixth note of the Solfège scale.

When performing, Laala has light lavender colored hair that separates into two long pigtails held by a pink bow. The ponytails reach her thigh. She also gets taller when she changes to perform. Normally, Laala has two lavender buns that have small amounts of hair sticking out, and she has the same pink bow at the top of her head. She has teal eyes that turn a little darker at the top. Also, she’s the shortest. She is bright, cheerful and is often bouncing off the walls. Her catchphrase is “kashkoma!” which means “alright!”

Judging by some of the early promotion pictures, Laala’s idol form was never intended to age. The photo shows Laala looking much younger rather then her current teen form.

Laala is the only character from PriPara to make an appearance in Pri Para and, along with Mirei, she is one of the only known characters to have a different look in PriPara. Furthermore, Laala is the youngest out of the six main girls - Sophie is in 8th grade, Mirei, Leona & Dorothy are all in 7th, whilst Shion is in the 6th. Laala is the only character out of the main three to be in elementary school. However, with her transformation, she ages and her hair becomes longer.

Laala is the only character to always keep her signature hairpiece; the hairpiece from the Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord, when wearing coords. The same bow is also used during Cyalume Change, which also makes her the only character to have the same hairpiece during a Cyalume Change.

However, a special exception was made during episode 11 when Laala wore the winning design from PriPara School’s outfit design contest.

Laala (as of Episode 11) is now in the debut class.

According to Kuma and Falulu, she has an ability called Prism Voice. Aside from it affecting her singing, it has yet to be shown what exactly it means to possess it.



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