Hibiki Shikyouin

Hibiki Shikyouin

Hibiki is a first year in high school and the grandchild of one of Paprika Private Academy’s chairman investors. Hibiki is also known as “The Greatest Prince” having won the “Mr. Universe World Prince of the Year” tournament.

Her alter ego in PriPara is the “Thieving Genius.”

Hibiki is a fair skinned young woman with lime-green eyes. Hibiki has short, silver hair worn in a boys cut that frames the face.

At first glance Hibiki comes off as a kind and charming individual who’s also fairly humble, however it’s soon revealed that’s not entirely the case. In reality, she is cunning and manipulative, seeming to have no problem using others for her own agenda.

Hibiki is fixated on finding the “Best Princess” for reasons that are currently unknown. She believes that not everyone can be an idol, which, given the nature of series, makes her appear nihilistic and cynical. Because many of her motives are shrouded in mystery, this, combined with her personality gives her an overall shady character.

As the anime series progressed, Hibiki slowly starts warming up to the rest of the main cast and changes her ideas.

Now she is shown to be kinder, but can still pull her old tricks from time to time.



Source:Pri Para Wiki


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