Fuwari Midorikaze

Fuwari Midorikaze

Fuwari Midorikaze is a new character who debuts in the second season of PriPara. Her preferred brand is CoCo Flower.

True to her name, Fuwari is gentle and soft. She is free-spirited and isn’t afraid to go about things her own way which tends to cause trouble for others. She’s a friendly person and seeks to befriend everyone.

Fuwari is a fair-skinned girl with large, fuchsia-colored eyes. She has blonde hair that is cut just above the shoulders, and a braid across her head like a headband. Thin strands frame her face on either side, while her bangs are split in the middle. She looks the same in and out of Pripara.

Midorikaze (緑風) can be split up into two parts. Midori (緑) means green, keeping with the color theme set up by Aroma and Mikan. The kaze (風) means wind or style.

Fuwari (ふわり) refers to something that is gentle, light, or soft.





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