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Hi I am new here






hello nosaka


Why is this site showing Kanojo, Okarishimasu as completed anime with 12 episodes? Isn’t it being aired? Or is it my misunderstanding ? Please correct me if I am wrong :)


the anime page says it is airing, maybe you are seeing it on your list


You are right, i am seeing it on my list and it says airing in anime page but, shouldn’t it have shown 3+/ ? on my list instead of 312. Like in one piece: 932 / ?


We add the number of episodes when we have that info, that does not mean that it is over though. The episode list is not shown at this time so it doesnt show the airing date properly. That should be ok within the day.




Small note, this is the wrong spot to post something like that, this is an open group chat for contributors regarding the site. For info such as this, pls use the forum to open a thread.


sure :) am new here, so I didn’t know Sorry for that


No need to apologize my friend, welcome to the site, remember to read the forum rules too and if you have discord, link it as well if you want.


Sure :)




The offline access vote tells me there are 9 people without the need for it and 4 people who could benefit from an offline mode.

The way I think about this result is that even if only a single person benefits from this change, it should be implemented.

However, offline mode requires a complete remake of the entire website’s code and I will basically need to start from zero. Essentially a full rewrite. This will take time and I can’t give you an ETA because I’ve been very busy lately, but this is something I have on my mind for future versions of the website. Doing a complete remake would also allow me to fix some of the shortcomings of the current website.

Conclusion: Offline mode is something I definitely want to implement but it will take a lot of time.


If you’re a software developer and you would like to help working on this site (which is fully open source), please contact me!


Hey there fellow developers & contributors to the project,

as you might have seen, we’ve changed how the local installation of the website works for developers. We switched to using Docker now, which is a tool that can bundle certain software and make other developers access that same bundle pre-configured and therefore running without any troubles or additional installation steps.

Before, a lot of tools and configurations needed to be installed to start up a local server for this project. Nowadays it’s as easy as downloading the source and the docker image and you’re ready to go.

Make sure you consult the Readme to see how the new installation process works.

Additionally, we’re currently improving testing of all modules involved and migrating to a new testing service that ensures that the website has as little bugs as possible (in a perfect world that’d be zero).

Aside from working on the end-user experience I am also working on the developer experience, to make it as hassle-free as possible.

If you decide to download the project and contribute to it, feel free to let me know how the new installation feels.