How many active users?


Who here still actively uses this website?



so around 148 people


me… kinda


Me, this is a good, underrated site!

(sad that it is abandoned tho)


judging from the amount of replies it is kinda dead, but the site looks cool


I thought it is still quite in my opinion cause I’m getting more replies than other anime listed sites (following MyAnimeList).


I reply to users who have questions or who ask for characters/animes to be added. I’m not very active otherwise (and Spyros do most/all of the “add new anime” work), I had planned to make a post about a program I made about 2 months ago to help export notify anime list to anilist but I ended up not doing it because I started rewriting it in nodejs and never finished it. However, if anyone looked for it in the search bar and found this post, a web version (in javascript) is linked to my profile description. There are only 2 things required, a JSON Export and an Anilist Authentication Token whose steps to retrieve it are already shown to the user on the website. Others then that, the only thing you will need is patience since it can take several’s minutes / hours depending of your notify list.