Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the Anime Notifier forums!

Feel free to introduce yourself here.


I am Boltasar, a guy who has been lurking around this website for a few years now. I found out about the revival of this website when it suddenly started working again. I never actually stopped trying it during the downtime.


Hi I’m Techturtle, similar to Boltasar I too have been using this add-on for quite some time. I liked this add-on enough too downgrade to an earlier version when the current version at the time had stopped working. One day chrome notified me that the add-on/extension/plugin/etc needed an update and since then its been great at helping me keep up with what I’m watching and has only gotten better. Nothing has come close to do what ARN has been able to do in my opinion.


Yo what’s up! Flexicon here, just recently discovered this great add-on! I’m really impressed with it to be honest. Didn’t really expect much but it basically works like a native app on my android, works way better than anything else I tried.

1010 Top quality but of software right here


Hi AnimeWorldKid is here, and you can find me on MyAnimeList under AnimeKid3. I actually like this software alot, as it helps alots. Will be here through it progress of success and downtime it has in pass, Well Done to the person who created this software, thank you =D

Keep it up!


はじめまして、I’m Ryuuki.

You can find me at MyAnimeList -> RyuukiBeat.

My anime notifier’s life is similar to Boltasar, with this revival, I’m a bit surprised. This web app so much better from before and I see additional osu profile there 😊

For now, I’m the top osu player here 😂 hope in near future, some pro players join this community.

Nice and elegant app, hope I can develop app as nice as this too.

Good works, and thanks.


do you know how to play osu on mac?


What’s up? I have been looking for app like this after I see how is hard to tracker my animes, and I try others app but this is the best.


Hello. Really this site is very creative I like it very much.


Hello everyone. I really can not believe there are places like this, it’s very good I like it, I hope we all get along


Hey, i find the interface for this site to be rlly sick. I love the fluidity and the dekstop web app!


Hello. This site is insanely beautiful and has fast access to page that i want!! just what i imagine!! thumbs up


Hey everyone, glad to be on here now. I agree with what has been said, the site is really well done!


I didn’t even know this thread existed :eyes: Anyway, I’m Deterio, nice to meet you all


Hello Everyone


Hello everyone! I found about this site while on AniList and, so far, I’m enjoying my time here ~

Thanks a lot to the developer, it really is a nice site. (^▽^)ノ


Hi anime addicts! 👍✌😊


Hi you too!


oof oof oof




hi! :)




Hi i am sanyam, joined this tracker 8 months ago and i love every bit of it, not that i have used any other anime trackers (this is my first) but ive never used them because this one leaves nothing to desire :)

Altho i am now trying some other trackers (cuz im bored) but cant figure out how to export my list from here to other trackers like mal and anilist, if anyone here could help, it will be great!


heya i’m crankyllama, your average teen otaku browsing around on the internet while listening to music. i love anime and manga to a point that i could say my life revolves around it lmao. i’m pretty new to this multicolored medium called anime so go easy on me :p. looking for friends too so don’t be shy to dm me :)). oh btw i play osu for fun if yall ever wanna 1v1 me, i’m not too great at it though lmao.


hi i’m spooky !! my favourite manga are toilet bound hanako-kun and my hero academia !! currently trying to find a good anime tracker that sends out notifications if an anime i like uploads a new episode,,,,


Hi Everyone !!!


The name’s Drisspy I just like anime and I found this website while searching up for a website that notifies you when there’s a new release so uh yeah I’ll be sticking around for the new things going for this site!


Welcome to the website! I hope you will enjoy Akyoto work.

I recommend you to check these following post Clarification #1 and Clarification #2


No way a dead project? It looks so simple and clean, but besides that I have a question how do they have all the anime I’ve watched through 1999-2021 that doesn’t sound dead much to me if they still keep up to date with the newest anime.


Akyoto having hand injuries and not mutch free time he don’t update the site anymore except in some cases. For the database you can thank Spyros. He like a lot the website and continue to add and update informations about animes. There is also others members of the Editor team editing animes but Spyros do globally everything.


Also i forget to mention it but the notification system his broken in rare case you will get a notification but since there is no fixes don’t expect the “push notification” to work. You can still see on your List (Computer only) in the Watching section the number of Weeks/days/hours before the next episode.


Med.. MED thanks a lot.


Um.. Idk what to say but ill say smth. Hi, I’m Mei! I like anime a lot. Anime interesting and all that stuff. I have been on this website for a few months now. I also really like this website. I can find and sort my anime easier then anything else. I also really thank the staff and creator for creating this masterpiece! I have nothing else to say so ill be going now. cya. peace.


Hi, I’m SilverCrown. I joined here because I was bored of MAL and its constant toxicity. This place seems to be a lot nicer!


Welcome to the website! I hope you will enjoy Akyoto work.

I recommend you to check these following post Clarification #1 and Clarification #2


Welcome to the site. I hope you have a good time.


Hello,Konichiwa and annyeonghaseyo!! My name is Yvonne Lim from malaysia. My nickname is 🌸🐲🐉 LadyDragon,U may call me LadyYvonne 🌸🐲🐉 Yoroshiku!! 💖😊


Welcome, have fun in our little Anime space.


Hi, this is a temporary account, but I need to know how to retrieve my original account back on a different device.


You need to log back with the same authentication method you used for your main account (or one linked to it). Note that you need to use the same account that has been link to notify otherwise it will log you in a new account. If you have problem accessing it, Akyoto may be able to help you on the discord server


Hello there !! I discover this website a short time ago, and I love it !! It is so dynamic and modern, well built with a great database, perfect for my use :) I love too the import/export feature :D It also has a huge potential of evolution and so many fun features for now ^^ Thanks for all