BasicallyWiz in Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

I watched this way back when I was a little weeblet and really liked it, but I went to go re-watch it recently, and I honestly thought it was kinda bad? Is it just me? Everyone still really seems to like it.
I just feel like the only thing that was going for it was the comedy, and even that now is quite weak.
Please tell me what you like about the show. I need to know if I’m just crazy.


I would say that it is probably that you were excited when you first started and liked everything, now that preferences and likes about anime settled in after watching so many, you see them a bit differently.


I felt the same too last week. Spyros might have cited one of the reasons why I feel that way


I droped Kono subarashii at 3 episode. So for me it was never good. I watched 400 anime and It is becoming dificult to find anime that i like, i started rewatching the ones that i like. i see many times animes very popular and with good scores some even with 8 plus scores and for me they barely worth a 6. like for exemple Classroom of the Elite II, i only watched 3 episodes but boy they were realy bad, cant understand how it is rated as a 8 and it has a 8 plus before.


From What Ive read the adaptation of classroom of elite isn’t really following the original material and often portay characters differenctly or skip scenes that used to give more context. Which, as someone who only watched the anime, I feel like there’s a lot of context missing, some characters seem to lack development and yet they’re more important than your average “supporter” type.