McGillis Fareed

McGillis Fareed


Young officer from Earth who works for Gjallarhorn. McGillis Fareed is polite, courteous, and can be considered even charming, but he can be very serious about his work, which makes him seem cold-hearted to those who don’t know him personally. He is analytical and thoughtful, and usually more reserved and serious than his friend Gaelio Bauduin, but he will have an occasional and sometimes even cheeky smile and he does have a sense of humor. But underneath his professional facade lies a man riddled with extreme anger. The root cause of his anger is unknown but it presumably his main motivation to destroy and reform Gjallarhorn. He also seems to care about people he knows. McGillis isn’t the type of person just accept things as they are and believe what everyone says; he is known to be very fastidious and will get down to the truth using what he’s got. He has a habit of picking the strand of hair that hangs in front of his face and toying with it in his right hand when he is calculating or thinking critically.



Unit:EB-05s Schwalbe Graze, V08-1228 Grimgerde


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