Amida Arca

Amida Arca


She is Naze’s caring and helpful primary wife. She pilots a Hyakuren painted in her personal colors. Though not possessing the Alaya-Vijnana, she is an exceptional pilot. She was able to hold her ground against Julieta Juris (piloting the new high mobility Reginlaze Julia ) using her custom Hyakuren.

Amida was a mercenary hired by Naze Turbine, and eventually became his wife. She was killed during Iok Kujan’s assault against the Turbines when her Hyakuren was hit with a projectile from a Dainsleif railgun. Though her mobile suit was heavily damaged and she was on the brink of death, she was able to fire a final shot at Iok’s ship, almost breaking through the ship’s bridge.





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