Azee Gurumin

Azee Gurumin


Azee is a pilot under Teiwaz with a cool personality, she carries out orders from Naze Turbine calmly during combat.

Azee is a highly skilled pilot and is easily far more capable than most pilots, even those who utilize the Alaya-Vijnana system. Only those of extreme skill and/or talent could be considered greater than herself. However, her skill only truly shines when she’s fighting alongside her companion Lafter as both are highly trained to fight in sync with the other.

Not much is known of Azee’s past other than that like Naze’s other wives she was rescued from poor circumstances and accepted the offer to join his crew the Turbines years ago. Ever since then she has served as one of Naze’s most skilled pilots, and one of his wives, alongside her partner Lafter, also a wife of Naze.





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