Lafter Frankland

Lafter Frankland


She is the member of Teiwaz. She is usually quite cheerful, outgoing, and a little childish. As a pilot, she can display a playful but ruthless streak, toy with her enemies before finishing them off. Like most of the Turbine members, She acts as a mentor/big sister for the young members of Tekkadan.

Lafter is an excellent pilot, able to keep up with Tekkadan pilots even without the use of Alaya-Vijnana system. Lafter shares a close and friendly relationship with her partner Azee in all things including the battle where both tend to fight together in sync to completely overwhelm their foes.

Lafter and Akihiro are often seen together. After seeing Akihiro saddened by Aston’s death, she is also seen to be greatly bothered. Eventually, with the help of Azee, Lafter is able to realize that she has fallen in love with Akihiro.





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