Lady Lillian

Lady Lillian


Lillian is a Queen Candidate for Jewel Land. She seems to be the top candidate. It seems that she has a massive crush on Cayenne, and it was said that they were soul mates destined to be apart. It was later revealed that she is actually related to Cayenne. She is kind of fond of Miura and appears to have a crush on him.

Lillian has long, purplish-black hair. She has front bangs and she wears a yellow ribbon that contains a diamond shaped gem in the middle. Casually, she is seen wearing a white blouse underneath a black dress. On her collar, there is a purple butterfly that also has yellow/gold details. The black dress looks like a half-button up tank top, but then it spreads out, and it somewhat resembles a tutu. Under the tutu, there is a short black skirt. She wears black sandal heels with the same butterfly as the one on her collar on them. In her Lady Form, her hair style is the same, and she wears a purple and white dress with yellow accents.

Refined and elegant, Lillian is often quiet around others. However, unlike Charon, Lillian is more mysterious and less shy. Lillian is also shown to be jealous of Momona and Cayenne’s relationship, resulting her to be a little too blunt. She covers herself up at the beginning of the series, but later warms up to Momona and the girls.

In a plot twist, Lillian is revealed to have been originally a doll that Lady Diana had owned, but forgot to take it when she had left Jewel Palace. This lead Luea into accepting a deal with Joker, in which if she can do his bidding then she can be happy. Luea used her magic to bring the doll to life and call her “Lillian,” and also inserting fake memories into Cayenne so she can be his brother. She was also illegally been registered in the Jewel Palace Database by Luea, in hopes that she can fulfill Joker’s plans.



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