Naze Turbine

Naze Turbine


Naze is the leader of Turbines, the subsidiary which runs Teiwaz’s transport division. He is known in the Jupiter Sphere for his aggressive attitude and is highly trusted by Teiwaz representative McMurdo Barriston.

Despite being the leader of the Turbines, a subsidiary of Teiwaz, Naze is courteous and easygoing. While ruthless to his enemies, he is loyal to his friends and crew and does have clear lines of morality, being disgusted with how the Tekkadan’s crew were fitted with the Alaya-Vijnana system despite being children by their former employer.

After Tekkadan - or more precisely, Mikazuki, on his Gundam Barbatos Lupus - defeated the Mobile Armor Hashmal, he was framed for transporting an illegal weapon, the Dainsleif, by the combined efforts of Jasley Donomikols and Iok Kujan. This resulted in the Turbines being labeled as an “illegal organization”.

Naze died when he charged the Hammerhead towards Iok Kujan’s ship during their assault against the Turbines.





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