Fairy tail tracker issue



Count issue : Fairy tail (2018) tell me that my counter is 28351 So i suppose that is a mix between fairy tales 2018 and previous season. Resolution : The best solution would be to use the same counter as twist.moe and merge fairy tail and fairy tales 2018

Notification : I don’t know exactly how it works for notification (if it’s automatic or not) but I do get notification way after the anime’s release on twist.moe, either it’s a bug or it’s done manually no idea …


Yea, this is a common problem when comparing data between different sites.

There’s currently no solution to this problem. Technically, there are ways to do this, but they are all very complex.

New episodes are also usually checked a few times a day so there is no guarantee that they are instant.


the anime data that you have is imported or created (by you or whoever) ?

Maybe reducing the timer of the interval between checks could be a good idea :D


The timer has been reduced drastically so that the check runs every 2 hours now. The changes aren’t very “stable” yet but I’m currently working on making it as smooth and bug-free as possible.


Oh ok thanks