Score in the planned list?


Its me again, 3rd thread in just a couple of days ^_^

I have a new suggestion: I just realized that the score in my planned list for all my 20-30~ items are “0.0”

It makes little to no sense to have a private-score for the planned list, as I have not yet watched any of it yet.

My suggestion is - change the score from private-score to public/community-score.

PS: Use case for when this is useful: I was just bored and thought I might pick another anime from my planned list. As my criteria, I wanted to use the anime’s score and pick one with a top score…

Kind regards

Edit: Seems like there went in some thought into it. When I click on a title in my planned list, I get the view where instead of “overall”, it says “hype”. So its like a pre-score for me to do on my planned list? I think that is less useful than the public/community score because there are more animes that have already aired than animes that have yet to air. So there is a greater chance for the planned list to contain more aired titles. But in the end, this is just my opinion.


Everyone is free to voice his/her opinions.

Those options are not mutually exclusive. There could potentially be a button to toggle viewing “community score” in your list that you can enable whenever you feel like it. So you can have the best of both worlds.

Thanks for taking your time to make a post about it.