Activity function?


I looked at my profile and it said something like “NarutoShonen spent 27 days watching anime”

how is this calculated? asking because its totally wrong


I’m not the expert here but I’m quite sure that ongoing shows are not included in this number, even if you track the number of episodes you already watched. Since you watch One Piece, I guess this might be your number one reason for saying it’s totally wrong.

This is of course not a really important matter but I still think it’s something that could be fixed, if possible.


Yea, it only counts completed shows. I think we can fix this.


Even if it’s completed shows, I’ve been using this tracker for about 3-4 months if not more, and I watch anime everyday .

I also update my account episodes on this tracker everyday.


Ah, now I see what you’re confused about. See, this number doesn’t show the number of days when you watched anime. It shows your total watch time by summing up the lengths of every anime episode you have watched. So in other words, it shows how many days you would have spent watching anime if you would have watched all those episodes non stop ;-)


oooooooooooohhhhhh now i get it

omg im such an idiot.



No problem ;-)