How to get rss feed for my current airing anime latest on episode update


Is there a way to get the latest anime episodes update when a new episode of my currently Airing or plan to watching anime airs ?


Absolutely! Here are a few ways to stay updated on new episodes for your favorite currently airing or planned anime: * Anime Streaming Services: Most anime streaming services like Crunchyroll or Funimation have built-in notification systems. You can add shows to your watchlist and receive alerts when new episodes become available. * Anime Tracking Websites: Websites like or AniList allow you to create an account and track the anime you’re watching or planning to watch. These websites usually send notifications for new episode releases. * Mobile Apps: There are mobile apps like Anime Tracker or Kitsu that specialize in anime tracking. These apps offer notification features for new episode releases on your favorite shows.

AniMed has this functionality, but it is kind of broken. For alternatives, the closest UI to would be anilist.

EDIT: However, I don’t think notify / anilist supports RSS feeds.