Filter by uploader on Soundtracks page


I think it would be neat to have a “Filter by Uploader” button on the soundtracks page, or “View Soundtracks” on user profiles.

I kinda just want to know how many sountracks I’ve uploaded.


Since the website is in a “dead state” there is little to no chance of this happening (not saying it’s a bad idea). That begin said, the first soundtrack you added is Do Your Best! for a total of around 63 soundtracks since 4 years (I took your profile logs, searched and saw about two mentions per sound creation, divided the total number by 2 = around 63 )

PS : Here’s a little trick, you can search for specifics tags by changing

So for ost,


This functionality actually used to exist but was disabled in an attempt to clean up the pages.

Might be worth thinking about re-enabling it in a somewhat hidden way (without visual clutter).


If you do ever return to the project, I would suggest re-implementing this with a dropdown to list the lower importance tags, such as what you’ve commented out in the file you linked

I think dorpdowns are a good low-clutter way of enabling more specific use cases.