question about Notifications


when will the notifications get re enabled again ? is there a certain date ? also please make sure to update the number of aired Episodes of animes cuz im using this site to track anime progress so i can watch when it finish airing some of the aired Eps remains blurred

thx in advance and i love your site guys , keep it up


I hear you.

I fixed the blur on episodes. Episodes used to be available (not blurry) when an episode was uploaded on Episodes now become available (not blurry) when the episode has fully aired on TV. Note: Without an airing date, the episode will always be shown as unavailable (blurry).

Airing notifications will take more time and I don’t give time estimates as they are highly unreliable. If people want features faster, donating is the most effective method because it allows me and potentially other contributors to dedicate more time to the project.