What anime that people rates highly but you don't?


Me personally, Angel Beats. If only it has more episodes, it would have a strong impact on me. Please comment the reason too instead of just the name :)


There is quite few anime series what I don’t rate high.

Naruto (Shitpoopen also): Too slow based, flashbacks after flashbacks. Even after Manga ended anime delayed finishing for two years. Never actually finished anime. Read manga and it was ok.

One Piece: Too many unnecessary characters. And who the hell uses over 100 episodes on one arc? What all happens in one day? So slow pace in anime that it’s pretty boring to watch. But don’t know why I’m still watching it?

Attack on Titan: Art style is good, and have to praise it. But characters are sadly pretty boring, and story. At first it was really good but after 5-7 episodes it got boring.

There is even more what I don’t like but I leave these for now.


Wait what, One Piece uses 100 episodes for a single arc? Yeah, I totally won’t like it. Attack on Titan 2 is also pretty boring. @Amatrelan


you should watch, i totally love it, each episode is 100% interesting, its nothing like naruto/bleach where they just try to stretch the anime, its the BEST


Well to be exact it uses 118 episodes on one arc… And it wasn’t even that good arc.


Yeah, I totally won’t bother LOL. I heard a lot of Toei slowing down the anime to 0,5 chapter per episode, is that true? @Amatrelan


Well that specific arc (wont spoil if you someday make mistake) was 102 chapters long but anime was that 118. And sometimes it’s worse. It’s really slow pace anime. Luckily I watched it alongside when I coded but even then it was boring…


Huh, Toei is just milking its franchise then. LOL.


Yeah, and they’re not even trying to hide it….


HunterxHunter, watched more than 80+ episodes but still can’t understand why it gets so high rating. I watched because people are praising it so much, but after waiting and waiting, nothing happened.


I have not really been able to get into a lot of “monster of the week” type series, which Naruto seems like it does. Although to be fair I heard that Naruto gets into some pretty dark / interesting plotlines that I’d like to see.

I’m mid-season-2 in Attack on Titan and I’m starting to agree…it’s just starting to lose my interest. Season 1 was amazing. I’ve heard S3 is not great at all :/


Most of the “mainstream” anime. Since 2015, the only very popular anime I really loved instantly is One Punch Man, I guess.

Shingeki no Kyoujin was definitely also good, however, I never hyped the first season as much as other people did. I am actually this person who truly loves SnK since season 2.

Same goes for Hero Academia. Nice anime but the first season is not nearly as good as it’s rated. However, definitely gets better with season 2 and constantly stays at that high level!

And I don’t know if I want to speak about Overlord… the popularity of this anime is truly a mystery to me.


There are plenty of anime with over 700 episodes for me not worth it, like naruto or one piece. Its true that it is a matter of perspective and I believe a lot of other anime should have gotten a few more episodes like Violet Evergarden, Plastic Memories, Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san (one of favs), Demi-chan wa Kataritai