Shiyanora in Bleach

I may be a bit late but yes, in 2020 I finally watched Bleach. Better late than never! And considering the new season coming up in 2021 I guess it wasn’t a bad idea watching it now :)

Anyway, I do not regret any second of the time I spent watching it. Honestly, this is the best Shounen I’ve ever watched so far!

There are so many awesome characters (voiced by so many awesome voice actors!) and the story is sooo good, especially being not as predictable as you would expect from a Shounen. Got me hooked so hard! The soundtrack wasn’t extraordinary in the beginning but it definitely got more and more awesome as the show went on.

I guess my most fav arc was the Zanpakuto arc, though I loved almost every arc. However, my least fav arc was definitely the first Bount arc.

Can’t wait for more!


Never to late to watch bleach..


im planning to watch it