Hajime Hinata

Hajime Hinata

Hajime Hinata is the main protagonist of Super Danganronpa 2.

It was revealed in Chapter 4 by Nagito Komaeda that Hajime was actually a reserve course student who had no talent whatsoever, and is not an Ultimate himself.

Having been subjected to an experiment by Hope’s Peak, Hajime became Izuru Kamukura, who is the Ultimate Hope with his immense talent. Izuru gets bored with everything within a short amount of time; he is far too superior than everyone else and does not see anyone as his equal.

Izuru later joined the Remnants of Despair, and brought AI Junko to the Jabberwock Island; ultimately making him the mastermind behind the events of Dangan Ronpa 2.

After Hajime fuses with Izuru to become a single entity, he retains all of Izuru’s talents as well as the memories of both entities.

In the Hope arc, Hajime and his classmates make an appearance and foiled Ryota Mitarai’s plans in plunging the world with only hope. After convincing Ryota to join their ranks, Hajime and co return to Jabberwock Island. On his way back, Hajime reminiscences the memories he shared with Chiaki (AI Chiaki and the real life Chiaki). Although Hajime admits that he misses Chiaki and that it’s painful to think about her departure, he decides that it’s for the best that he think about her every now and then, after everything Chiaki has done to save Hajime.



Birthday:January 1
Height:179 cm
Weight:67 kg
Chest:91 cm
Blood type:A


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