Makoto Naegi

Makoto Naegi

The main character, the “hero” of the story. Naegi is friendly and a lot more down-to-earth than other students. He tends to act passively in conversation. Junko also refers to him as a “herbivore man,” which she means that Naegi is likely to be the passive one in a relationship. According to him, his most distinguishing feature is his optimism.

Super High School Level Hope

Naegi would make use of this particular trait later on the final trial where he prevented the other students from giving in to the despair that starts to overtake them, earning him the title “Super High School Level Hope”.

Naegi was the one out of six who survived the final trial and escaped at the end of the game.

In Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Naegi, along with the remaining survivors of the first mutual school killing life, joined the Future Foundation. He, along with Kirigiri and Togami, appeared in the final chapter to save the survivors.

Naegi is one of the 5 survivors of the final killing game. He is last seen becoming the new headmaster of a rebuilt Hope’s Peak Academy.



Height:160 cm
Weight:52 kg
Chest:75 cm
Birthday:February 5
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Specialty:Super High School Level Luck


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