Lloyd Irving

Lloyd Irving


Lloyd is the main protagonist of the series, he was raised by his adoptive dwarf father who lives outside the village of Iselia.

His best friends are Genis Sage and Colette Brunel, who he accompanies on her Journey of World Regeneration as one of her guardians.

Lloyd is an brave man and a good fighter, but he isn’t that good at school, he mostly sleeps there and forgets the subject matter very quickly, but he is very serious about protecting his friends and defending his ideals. He also has an acute knowledge of Exspheres and his knowledge about it is often needed.

He later found out that Kratos Aurion, who first seemed to be their friend and then their enemy, is his real father.

After Kratos and Anna (Lloyd’s mother and Kratos’ wife), were on the run from the Desians when Lloyd was just a little child, Anna turned out into a monster because she was also a victim of the Exphere experiment like Marble and Alicia were.

Anna begged Kratos to kill her because she was afraid of hurting the man she loved and her beloved son, Kratos killed her with a heavy heart and later, Lloyd was found by Dirk who raised him like his own son.



Weapon:Twin Blade


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