Colette Brunel

Colette Brunel


The Chosen of Sylvarant, Colette is a kind, selfless girl who always puts others before herself. Throughout the game, Colette is shown to be quite clumsy, as her repetitive tripping causes the most unusual (and usually beneficial) things to happen, from making a hole in the wall at school to deactivating the most complex machinery. Being the Chosen and Sylvarant’s only hope for regeneration, her early life was somewhat sheltered in order to protect her. She is rather clueless, as she often misses some things that are obvious to everyone else. However, she knows what it means to be kind to people and is able to “smile and forgive” (as Presea puts it) almost anything. Colette has a tendency to hide her problems from others, such as her Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium. This often annoys Lloyd since he wants to help her, but Colette hates making others worry for any reason. It is implied that she has romantic feelings for Lloyd, but, being as she is, she prefers not to say so. Instead, she loyally stays by Lloyd’s side, subliminally letting her behavior speak for itself. Colette is primarily a ranged fighter and fights using two chakram.





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