Saori Makishima

Saori Makishima

One of Kirino’s otaku friends. She is a tall, bespectacled girl dressed in otaku fashion. Her alias Bajeena is a clear reference to Quattro Bajeena from Zeta Gundam.

She is the moderator for the ‘Otaku Girls Unite’ Community.

Later it is revealed that she is from a very rich and high-class family.

She is actually very pretty when she is dressed in normal attire, as is found out in episode 3 of season 2. It is revealed that she had planned all along to form her own “circle” as a way to one-up her older sister after becoming furious with her for leaving to be married overseas. She realizes later in the episode that she has made her own precious friends, when her older sister’s friends shows up and her own friends are standing behind her.



Height:180 cm
Weight:61 kg
Three sizes:B88-W61-H89


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