Kanako Kurusu

Kanako Kurusu

Kanako is Kirino’s classmate and friend. She has a “loli body” (as Kyousuke describes her) and a childish temperament to accompany it. Kanako demands praise from others; when she receives praise, she absolutely melts, but she has a fiery temper otherwise.

Kanako likes to sing and dance (she can memorize songs upon hearing them once). Fittingly, her dream is to become an idol. She was tricked into cosplaying as Meruru for a contest (thus winning Kirino a prize) and has been contracted to appear as Meruru for special events. Unlike Kirino, Kanako hates otakus; however, she loves having fans—even if they are “disgusting”.

Kanako confesses to Kyousuke later on, after Kyousuke and Kirino started going out. Kyousuke refuses, saying that he already had a girlfriend. Kanako then told him that she would become an incredible idol and that she would make him regret what he did that day.



Height:148 cm
Weight:39 kg


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