Ryouta Mitarai

Ryouta Mitarai

Ryouta Mitarai is a member of Future Foundation and is the leader of the 10th Division. Ryota’s title is Ultimate Animator.

Ryouta is a very timid person, but is known to have a strong sense of justice. Much like Makoto Naegi, he wants to fill the world with hope. Because of this, he worries constantly. Because of his anxiety, he appears to have trouble staying relaxed, and does not seem to get enough sleep.

The final killing game was made with the intention of manipulating Mitarai into using the hope brainwashing video to brainwash mankind and carry on Kazuo Tengan’s ideals after his death.

Mitarai is one 5 survivors of the final killing game



Source:Danganronpa Wikia


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