Lockon Stratos

Lockon Stratos


Lockon is the most easy going of all the Gundam Meisters. He’s kind and considerate to people around him; there is a darker aspect of him. There’s a lot of internal anger against terrorists due to KPSA’s involvement in killing his family. Because of the violent death of his family, he desired the power to change world and believe Celestial Being can help him change it. While usually cool minded and rarely angry, dealing in missions or people related to terrorism (especially KPSA) affects his judgment as he’s blinded by his emotions. His thoughts are usually about his mother, father, little sister Amy.

Like the rest of the Meisters, Lockon Stratos is a codename, and he reveals to Feldt Grace that his real name is Neil Dylandy. He also has a twin brother, but chooses to remain out of his life, and neither sees each other.

In episode 19, Johann Trinity reveals that Setsuna was a part of the organization responsible for the deaths of most of Lockon’s family. In confronting him about it, Setsuna does not deny his involvement, and even implies that he would understand if Lockon were to kill him, given that his hope to eradicate war would continue in Lockon. Lockon, however decides against shooting him understanding that their real enemy is the man behind KPSA, Ali Al-Saachez.

During the GN-X assault on the Ptolemaios, Lockon is injured defending Patrick Colasour’s attack on the GN-005 Gundam Virtue, resulting in not only the near-destruction of Dynames (of which the cockpit was damaged beyond repair), but also an impairment of his right eye, the extent of which is unknown. When Lockon is told that he will have to stay on the Ptolemaios for 3 weeks in order to make a full recovery, he instead resolves to keep on fighting, despite Dynames’ damaged state and his own physical limitations. During another joint UN incursion, Lockon launched Dynames with the GN Arms. After destroying two MS carriers, Lockon confronted Ali Al-Saachez and was overpowered by the stolen Throne Gundam. As a last ditch effort, he jettisoned from the cockpit, connected his sniper module into a GN Arms cannon, and attempted to shoot down Ali Al-Saachez. He was able to damage the Throne, but Ali shot down the cannon - killing Lockon.



Birthdate:Mar. 3, 2283
Unit:GN-002 Gundam Dynames


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