Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad


GNR-010 0 Raiser

His girlfriend, Louise, lost her left hand and entire family due to an unprovoked attack from the Throne Drei Gundam. Later, Saji’s sister, a reporter pursuing information on Celestial Being, was killed. As a result, Saji has developed a deep hatred for the Gundams, whom he blames for Louise’s injures and his sister’s death.

After Season 1 events Saji becomes a Space Engineer in the space colony “Proud”, but is arrested after being suspected of being a member of Kataron. He is saved from an assualt by Setsuna and learns of his involvement with Celestial Being. He is currently improsoned in Celestial Being ship Ptolemaios II with a red Haro that has access to thier database.

After episode 5 in the second season, Saji seems to know how it feels to have a sin to atone for after his actions result in the destruction of the Katharon base and countless deaths as a result.

Saji has assisted in repair works and coordination on the Ptolemaios II. In due time, Saji became an official member of the crew and its organization, which he feels a bit uncomfortable but has grown to accept it, feeling he can still help without actually fighting.

After more than four months with Celestial Being, Saji comes to understand the motives of group, especially those of Setsuna, who helped him in his understanding. After reaching out to Louise in their GN Particle-induced conversation, he finally gains the resolve to fight.



Age:17 / 22 (second season)
Birthday:March 10
Blood Type:A, A resident of Japan; a senior high school student studying aerospace engineering. A gentle person with a submissive personality, he is often pushed around by his overbearing girlfriend Louise. He and his sister live in an apartment right next door to Setsuna's. He and his sister, Kinue, had been orphaned prior to the start of the series. Despite his non-aggressive nature, Saji has been caught up in the wake of the Gundams' actions.


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