Koutarou Bokuto

Koutarou Bokuto

Bokuto Koutaro is a 3rd year Captain and Wing Spiker of Fukurodani Volleyball Team. Together with Kuroo, he teaches Tsukishima Kei Volleyball despite the fact that Karasuno High is a formidable opponent.

He has a playful, energetic and child-like personality and is described by his team as having mood swings, where even the slightest thing can change his mood which then impacts his performance. He is often referred to as ‘simple-minded’ because of this, but is both admired by his own team and the opponents for his impressive skills and morale-boosting demeanor.

When he makes a comeback, he clearly shows his pride as the ace and believes he is the ‘strongest’. Bokuto is energetic (similar to Hinata), often making jokes about everything and acting rather dramatically about his plays. His personality is so compatible that he gets along with many people. However, he’s rather ignorant to other people’s discomfort, such as with Tsukishima.


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Team:Fukurodani Academy
Birthday:September 20
Height:185.3 cm (6'1")
Weight:78.3 kg
Year:3rd Year, Class 1
Position:Wing Spiker
Favourite food:Yakiniku!!
Current concern:……how d'you spell “concern”??
Source:Haikyuu!! Wikia


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