Yuu Nishinoya

Yuu Nishinoya

Yuu is a very energetic and temperamental person. His boisterous nature and crazy shenanigans can attract unwanted attention quite easily, which often bodes ill for him. Although he hardly ever worries about the consequences of his actions (and may even revert to violence in order to vent out his anger on certain occasions), he is surprisingly considerate of his friends’ feelings and insecurities.

Yuu can be extremely impatient, excitable and impulsive. As Ryuunosuke Tanaka puts it, “he simply gets too fired up for his own good.” He doesn’t bother to filter his words, and is therefore prone to blurting out whatever he’s thinking in a loud and tactless manner. In-game, however, his attitude changes drastically: he becomes incredibly focused and serious, remaining calm and doing everything in his power to provide the support his team needs until the very end. For this reason, everyone in the volleyball club respects him greatly.



Team:Karasuno High, Chidoriyama Junior High (former)
Birthday:October 10
Height:159.3 cm
Weight:51.1 kg
Year:2nd year, Class 3
Favorite food:Gari Gari-kun popsicles
Source:Haikyuu!! Wikia


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