Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kozume

Kenma has a very relaxed and laid back personality. He hardly ever loses his cool, and he usually never gets excited about anything (with the exception of Hinata and video games). He is quiet and reserved and does not voice his opinions often since he is afraid of how others would think of them. He isn’t the type who can make friends easily, and his only friend back when he was younger had been Tetsurou Kuroo. Despite his modest personality, Kenma is actually quite skilled in volleyball, with his extraordinary game sense and technique, which makes up for his power, speed, and stamina.



Team:Nekoma High School
Height:169.2 cm
Weight:58.3 kg
Birthday:October 16
Year:2nd Year, class 3
Favorite food:Apple pie
Current Concerns:Summer is hot and winter is cold
Source:Haikyuu!! Wiki


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