Saji Genpou

Saji Genpou

In order to further Hakufu’s mastery of the Water Dragon Fist, Saji fully donned the magatama and identity of Ouin, granting him great power and also slightly altering his appearance. Engaging Hakufu in deadly combat, he intentionally awakens her dragon, then, using his experience with Ryubi’s dragon three years ago, absorbs the dragon’s negative energy into himself, snapping Hakufu back to normal and placing the dragon’s power completely under her control, though at the cost of losing one of his arms in the process. Infected with the dragon’s evil and knowing he doesn’t have much time left, he declares that he is no longer Saji but Ouin, and that he has already lived longer than he should have. Telling Hakufu not to cry for someone like him, he commits suicide by jumping off a nearby cliff in a manner eerily similar to Totaku’s death, his last thoughts of Ryofu. At the same time, even though she was far away, Ryomou is suddenly struck with the knowledge that Saji would not be coming back.

It is revealed in Great Guardians that there really is another fighter who goes by the name of Genpou Saji, revealing that Saji’s name was actually not an alias. The real Saji meets with him and in exchange for reviving Ryofu, wanted to obtain Ryomou’s dragon by putting on a lover’s “act” for Ryomou, in order to build up her jealous emotions so that her dragon would be released. Ouin, for the most part, went with the plan. However, it was to save not only Ryomou and Ryofu but Saji herself as well.



Birthday:January 17
Height:177 cm
Blood Type:O
School:Nanyou's Institute, 3rd Year
Toushi Rank:A-Rank


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