Chuukou Kyocho

Chuukou Kyocho

In Ikki Tousen: Xtreme Xecutor, Chukou fights Bachou Mouki during her attempt to confront Sousou. When the tournament on Nanban Island is announced, she is chosen as one of two representatives of Kyosho, along with Soujin, for the tournament. When Nanban warriors ambushed the would-be contestants on a boat, Chukou and Mouki managed to elude capture and swim to Nanban Island, where the two former opponents gradually make peace with each other as Chukou describes Sousou to Mouki from her own point of view. Later, Chukou and Mouki meet with Hakufu during an attempt to rescue the imprisoned fighters. Chukou helps to fight off numerous Nanban fighters during the final battle and is later seen with Sousou and her comrades when they recover Teni.



Birthday:June 20
Height:184 cm
Blood Type:O
Three Sizes:B-99 W-60 H-91
School:Kyoshou's College , 1st Year
Toushi Rank:Special A-Rank


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