Moutoku Sousou

Moutoku Sousou

The eccentric leader of Kyosho and best friend to Genjou and Houkou and a B-rank fighter. Until his dragon awoke, he did not care much for the state of affairs, but afterward he became extremely violent, blood-thirsty, and power-mad because he is completely possessed by his dragon. However, he is more interested in controlling powerful toushi than getting precious artifacts such as the Gyokuji and the Hyakuhekitou. When Kanu refused to be freed in return for Ryubi surrendering the Gyokuji, Sousou happily accepts Kanu’s request and orders the Gyokuji to be returned. Sousou often criticizes Kaku for wearing glasses, telling her she looks cuter without them. Easily the strongest character at the moment. He also has strange dreams involving an old man with writing on his forehead asking Sousou to avenge him.



Birthday:June 1
Height:170 cm
Blood Type:AB
School:Kyousho's College, 3rd Year
Toushi Rank:B-Rank


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