Kaoru Kaidou

Kaoru Kaidou

Kaidō is a counterpuncher, noted by his stamina and retrieving most of the opponent’s shot, using his physique to tire out his opponent first. While his play style becomes more aggressive as the series progresses, his original style is still evident in his matches.

As akid he cried a lot. When he was in kindergarten, he was often mistaken for a girl, called Kaoru-chan, and forced to wear a skirt.

Kaidō is mostly known for his “Snake Shot” (derived from the “Buggy Whip Shot”), a curving forehand that keeps his opponents running. He later develops the “Boomerang Snake,” which is a shot that swerves out of bounds, around the net pole, and back in bounds. He developed the shot under mentor Sadaharu Inui’s advice and by working with him in doubles. He usually plays the Singles 3 position, though he is most often placed in one of the Doubles slots.

In Genius 379, the last chapter of the manga, Kaidō is seen as a third year and the new captain of Seigaku, with Momoshiro as his sub-captain. Their rivalry has, apparently, somewhat mellowed with time.



Birthdate:May 11
Play Style:Counter-puncher
Dominant Hand:Right
Special Moves:Snake Shot, Boomerang Snake
Blood Type:B
Favorite Shoes:Puma (Cell Factor PTO634)
Favorite Racket:Head (TI.S7)
Favorite Subject:English
Favorite Color:Blue
Favorite Music:Rock
Favorite Food:Yogurt, (Yaki)Soba, 100% pure juice
Hobby:Running Marathons, collecting bandanas
Father's Occupation:Office worker (Bank)
Seiyuu:Kiyasu Kohei
Source:Kuryujiru LJ and Prince of Tennis Wikia


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