Shuusuke Fuji

Shuusuke Fuji

Shūsuke Fuji is one of the Prince of Tennis characters. His name is romanized as Syusuke Fuji in the Japanese anime, and Shūsuke Fuji in all the English versions. He is voiced by Yuki Kaida in the original version of the anime, and voiced by Adam Lawson in the English dubbed version until episode 31, where he is replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Shūsuke Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. He is given the title “tensai”, or genius, due to his tactical skill on the tennis court. He is in the same class as Eiji Kikumaru, and is Eiji’s good friend. Fuji is a leap year baby (his birthday is on February 29), and thus he can only properly celebrate his birthday once every four years. Fuji is cheerful and easygoing, with a penchant for playfully teasing those around him.

He is the middle child of the Fuji family. His unnamed father is a foreign-based employee, and is never seen in the series. His mother, 49-year-old Yoshiko, who also has perpetually-closed eyes, is seen in the manga as a kind and dedicated Japanese housewife. His younger brother, Yūta, is a tennis player at St. Rudolph Middle School. Fuji’s older sister, 24-year-old Yumiko, is considered very attractive and is popular among both Fuji and Yūta’s friends.

He grew up in Chiba, where he became friends with Kojirō Saeki, the current vice-captain of Rokkaku Middle School Tennis Club. Later on, he moved to Tokyo and entered Seigaku.

Fuji usually takes the position of S2 (Singles 2), although sometimes he is paired with Kawamura Takashi or Kikumaru Eiji in Doubles (with Kikumaru, they are called the “Dream Pair”). Also, he and Echizen Ryoma temporarily take turns for the position of S1 (Singles 1) when captain Tezuka Kunimitsu is in rehabilitation.



Birthdate:February 29
Class:3-6 (same as Eiji)
Play Style:Counter Puncher
Dominant Hand:Right
Blood Type:B
Favorite Shoes:Nike (Nike Ready Air Biscayne Mid III)
Favorite Subject:Classical Literature
Favorite Color:Beige
Favorite Food:Apples, Cajun food, Spicy Ramen, Wasabi Sushi
Hobby:Photography, collecting cactus, Preferred Type Elegant girls with pretty fingers
Father's Occupation:Office worker (Overseas work)
Seiyuu:Kaida Yuki
Sources:Kuryujiru Live Journal, Prince of Tennis Wikia


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