Issei Hyoudou

Issei Hyoudou

High-class Devil

later in volume 12 it is revealed that 4 of them are Mutation Pieces

King (Independent) of Hyoudou’s Peerage

King of ‘Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth’ team in Azazel Cup

until Volume 11, becomes Humanoid-Dragon in Volume 12

Dragonification of body parts

As the story progresses, its revealed the reason he attracts other girls is a side effect of his Boosted Gear and Dragon Power. Since more girls get attracted by him, he often gets annoyed by girls which always fight over him. Starts from volume 18, after Michael crafted a special room which is located in a different dimension and gave the door-handle-like key to Irina, she and the other girls decided to take a turn for use it and force him to have sex inside that room. Which makes him more aware at night.

In the middle of volume 22, Issei gets promoted as High-class Devil according to by his achievements in one year (Take down Loki, overcome Bandersnatch, Jabberwocky, and even Trihexa attack, confronting Khaos Brigade and Qlippoth’s strike, Fatally-injure Rizevim, and Defeat Evil Dragons Grendel and Apophis). Since its a very rare case that a reincarnated devil became a high-class devil only in 1 year from his reincarnation and his achievement on ‘War of the Evil Dragons’, Issei became a public Highlight and became more popular in Underworld and other Myth’s world as ‘Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth’.



Height:170 cm (5' 7")
Weight:62 kg (137 lbs.)
Role:Pawn (8 Pieces)
Race:Reincarnated Devil (Former human)
Sacred Gear:Boosted Gear (Longinus)
Power:Dress-Break, Pailingual, Dragon flames,, A second-year high school student attending Kuou Academy. He is known to be stupid, lecherous and a pervert among his peers. A normal high school student born in a normal family, but is in possession of the Sacred Gear "Boosted Gear" which is listed as one of the ultimate Sacred Gears (Longinus). He was killed by his first girlfriend, a Fallen Angel, and was revived as a Devil and a servant of Rias Gremory, his new master. Now he aims to become a Harem King by gaining a peerage, unaware of himself attracting girls around him.
Source:High School DxD Wiki and Light Novels


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