Pandora's Actor

Pandora's Actor


Pandora’s Actor is an area guardian and the financial manager of Nazarick. He is responsible for the upkeep of Nazarick and the Ainz Ooal Gown. He was created by Momonga himself.

Dressed in a nazi uniform, Pandora’s Actor is an egghead with no distinct facial feature except the three holes on his face. In Ainz’s original design, he is the combination of everything that Ainz think is cool which included exaggerated gestures and body language.

Pandora’s Actor is an egghead whose behavior is always overly exaggerated, humiliating Ainz. However, while he is over the top, he can also be extremely practical. Unlike other NPCs who willingly obey every order without question, Pandora’s Actor will ask questions to clarify his duties and give suggestions whenever possible. Thus, despite his personality, he can be the perfect executioner of all his master’s tasks without misunderstanding his intentions.

Like other inhabitants of Nazarick, Pandora’s Actor is loyal to the 41 Supreme Beings. However, he is completely devoted to Ainz, his creator, and would even fight the other guild members if ordered to.

Pandora’s Actor is one of the smartest, most tactical, and powerful NPC by setting, but often uses his talents in some strange matters. As a higher-tier doppelgänger, he has an ability to mimic a player including the Ainz Ooal Gown guild members, but receives penalties in all attributes.

His main ability is to shape-shift into other people. While he has taken on another person’s form, he can use all of their abilities and skills but only up to 80% of their output. He has 45 different forms he can take and among those include all of the Supreme Beings’ as Momonga wanted to preserve their shape. Because of this, while not as strong as some of the other guardians, he is the most diverse, capable of taking on the shape that will have the greatest effect.



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