Prevent deletion of 5th most recent post


“Lock” the 5th most recent post in place so that new posts cycle through other posts and some things can be kept on profile? I’m not sure if this is possible?


Tbf, that test post was made in an anime listing, which was unecessary, so I deleted it. I would also like to ask you to refrain from posting stuff from other sites. Thank you and if you have an anime, which is japanese and not “h” that I have missed, let me know to add it.


Okay! Is it okay to post YouTube links? I still don’t know how to post a video on here, I’ve tried markdowns but for some reason no image appears…..


You can post video link for the usage of sharing but i don’t think Akyoto will allow you to use the edit function as a video list system. Trought, you can make private or public video playlist on YouTube if you need it.