Comment bug


Hi ! Today I tried to reply to a post in the forum but I don’t know why , this appears : “Unclosed HTML tag: p” Can someone help me plz ^^


Edit: While posting this comment, it would appear that this site’s comments are actually super screwy with tag identifiers. The site actually just removes them entirely from this comment, and uses them to make new lines…?


In HTML, items are defined using tags, looking like this: all items use to signify that that item has ended. Here is an example of a paragraph tag, which is the tag your having an issue with:

Text goes here, it just shows up as text in a browser.

Somehow the browser found a

without a

, making the browser see that the rest of the page is in that item, until noticing it just doesn’t end, and complains. It can’t exactly be fixed on your side, unless you typed

somewhere in the comment, and it was interpreted as an item.