Manga list


Hi ~~ so i know this anime notify site hasn’t been up so long to manage another great big feature, (even though i hope the best for this amazing alternative anime tracker site ish)

but i, along with a lot of other people, would love to have a MANGA tracker list. is this expected in the future or……?

thank u


I’m actually spending 8-10 hours working each day, both on the site and the tech around it.

“New features” isn’t my focus right now, as there are other valuable aspects that need to be improved.

In particular, making sure that the site remains bug-free, both now and also in future updates, which needs careful planning.

An improved API for developers so that 3rd party apps can evolve is also very important.

The manga list you mentioned is already on my todo list.

If you would like to offer financial assistance for the development, which has the biggest effect on getting things done, please check out:


Thanks a lot for the resp! I am aware of this and we all appreciate the effort that is around this site <3