Only getting notifications for One Piece


Decided to use mainly because Kitsu notifications wouldn’t fit the bill for me (only getting notitications for One Piece / have to be on the website to actually get the ping) Loving the interface and enjoying the soundtrack, great job. But sadly enough, I get the same issue here as so far, I only got notifications for One Piece, and none for the other episodes from the animes I’m currently watching. What should I do to avoid that?


At this time, due to a problem with the database, notifications are currently disabled. The owner of the site had hand injuries and at this time cant fix this issue.


Oh damn, wishing them a full recovery!


“Hand injuries” Jokes aside, get well soon.


For now the only alternative I can think for you are: to set a calendar event for every day (when a new episode of One Piece airs); Invite mirai bot to your discord server and then do some commands and provide the anime titles you want to receive a new airing episode notification of.


I might just do that indeed. I do love this website tho, really handy.