Spring 2018 Anime Discussion


Let’s talk about everything airing in Spring 2018 here! What do you think about this season so far?


I personally like some shows like Mahou Shoujo Site, Mahou Shoujo Ore and Uma Musume. Almost all the others, when I think its not worth investing my time to it, I still think its good.


I am LOVING Mahou Shoujo Ore and I started Golden Kamuy - watching the second episode of that tonight. It’s fascinating!

I also am getting into Boku no Hero Academia just so that I can watch the third season :) I’m up to episode 10 or so in the first season. WHAT A GREAT SHOW.

Have you watched Uma Musume Pretty Derby? I hear it’s actually pretty good.


@Briebird I loved Mahou Shoujo Ore too! I can’t get into Golden Kamuy tho. Uma Musume Pretty Derby is quite good, at least I feel its worth my time.


I like Steins;Gate 0 from the current season.


Mahou Shoujo Site is amazing, sadly not popular enough


I agree with you @Yousefjb, I liked it, but the recent episodes have been very hard to sit through tho.


uchuu senkan tiramisu is very funny ^^ I am enjoying the new season of Binan HAPPY KISS as well. I also didn’t mind Mahou Shojo Ore episode 5 showed some really good examples of what really happens in the Animation Industry. It is true that everything is outsourced including Figure molds. All from china so you cant really call it bootleg. They own the molds they can make Chinese version figs but i do not want to debate about it so. ^^ i support Chinese and Koreans who contribute into the Anime & Merchandise industry, so i appreciate their hard work same with malaysian artists.


@Sayuki Is Binan Happy Kiss that good? The production values looked average for me in the first episode, and the story didn’t interest me.