LulaLouca in Trigun Stampede

I wish franchises didn’t remake themselves tbh, trigun stampede seems cool and i would have already watched it if i didn’t already watch the original one 3 months ago…. now i am stuck in a dilemma, if i watch it, will i forget about the other one (which i loved) due to it being more faithful to the manga (aka, more content)?

it could’ve easily been a different original anime with that style.. i guess that’s the most “nostalgia blind” i have ever been in my life…


I don’t know man, I don’t think three months is nostalgia-worthy.

Just watch the show and treat it as if it’s not the older anime. It’s not based off of the anime, but the source material, the manga. It tells the story in a different order than the classic [anime], has a different overall tone than the classic, and the characters are portrayed differently than the classic. The only similarity is the events that unfold in the show, really. And the character names.

Besides, I’m replying ten months late, I’m sure enough time’s passed.